Kannur Tourist Destinations

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Kavvayi Backwater

Kavvayi Backwater is considered to be a Major Tourist Destination of Kerala, located near Payyannur in the Kannur district of Kerala.Kavvayi Backwater is one of the largest backwater in North India.This article gives you more info regarding Kavvayi Backwater .

Kizhunna Beach

This Article is about the attractive features of Kizhunna Beach and what make's this place one of the most attractive Tourist Destination in Kerala.

Pazhassi Dam

Kannur Pazhassi Dam is considered to be one of the Kerala's Famous Historical Monument.The title "Pazhassi" was named after the Kerala's Greatest king - Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja .Pazhassi Dam is located at a place called Kuyiloor in Kannur District .This article helps to know more about Kannur Pazhassi Dam


This Article helps you to explore more about Valapattanam and it's attractions . .Valapattnam is considered to be one of the most attractive destination in kannur District .