Kannur Tourist Destinations

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Kannur is the land of looms and lores and a famous tourist destination in Kerala. There are many attractions in Kannur. Get to know more about Kannur tourism and main tourist destinations in Kannur.

Established in 1957, Kannur is the famous district in the state of Kerala. Earlier, this district was known as Cannanore but now it is known as Kannur. This is bounded by Kasaragod district to the north, Kozhikode district to the south, and Wayanad district to the south-east. This district is the sixth most urbanised district in the state of Kerala, with more than 50% of its residents living in the urban area. Also, Kannur district is known as the land of looms due to the presence of a large number of loom industries. One of the main attractions in Kannur is Theyyam, a ritual dance of northern Kerala. It is said that the name of the district has been derived from the two words i.e. Kannan means Lord Krishna and Ur means Place, thus this district is also known as the place of Lord Krishna. Some of the well – known Kannur tourist destinations are Thalassery port, Fort St. Angelos, Payyamnalam Beach Resort etc.

How to Reach

Kannur district is properly connected by all means of transport. One can easily reach here by rail, road, and air.

By Road:
The west coast road from Mahe to Talapady is the backbone of the road system in Kannur district. This road is the part of the national highway 66.

By Rail:
This district has nearly 12 railway stations, out of which, Kannur railway station and Thalassery junction are the major ones.

By Air:
The nearest airport is Calicut international airport which is located at the distance of 115.6 KM away from this place. And Kannur airport is currently under construction.

Timings & Season

Kannur is a beautiful district and attracts plenty of tourists every year. The best time for Kannur tourism is from October to March, owing to the pleasant and calm weather.




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