Travel Bloggers, Hospitality Business Owners, Tour Agents - Partner with IndiaTravelBlog

Are you a travel blogger, hospitality business owner, travel agent or a digital marketing agency working on promoting a tourism based business? Explore opportunities with this emerging travel portal.


ITB is an emerging travel portal based on true travel experience from travellers across India. We collect first hand information from travellers, tour operators and hospitality business owners and share it after careful review.

We are currently focusing on expanding our business all over India and making profit is not a goal yet. We like to expand our network and work with travel bloggers, tour operators and hospitality business entrepreneurs.

How can travel bloggers work with us?

We offer several opportunities for travel bloggers to work with us. We do pay cash payments for every travel blog they publish. They can receive 100% advertising revenue from their blog posts through Google AdSense program. Also, many 'paid to travel' opportunities come up time to time and they can enjoy all expenses paid travel to various destinations in India. If you are interested in exploring the opportunities, please contact us.

How can travel agents work with us?

Travel agents can list their business and services with us free of cost until March 31, 2016. Also, they can participate in our community forums and promote their business when people ask questions related to various travel destinations in the country. You may invite us to your tour packages and we will be happy to review them and publish the details in our blogs. We would be happy to discuss any other business opportunities with you. Please contact us.

Hospitality Business Owners

Call us to discuss how can help you grow your business. Please contact us.