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    Earn money by posting travel articles

    Do you like to share travel articles in this website? You can earn good money by sharing articles and blogs related to travel. If you recently visited any tourist attractions, just post them as travel articles along with a few photos. From each article, you can earn from Rs 100 to Rs 500 as cash payment, depending on the quality and value of the article.

    Earn money by posting travel articles

    There are several ways you can earn money from this travel blog:

    1. Write articles on any topics related to travel (Examples: How to prepare for a travel, how to save money on air travel, Best destinations in Rajasthan etc) - Submit travel article

    2. Write travel experience (Share your travel experience to any destinations in India) - Submit travel experience

    3. Write details of any tourist destination or attraction in India. This option is available only if you can become a regular writer for us. If you are interested in writing information about destinations in India, please contact us by responding to this thread.

    You will be paid cash rewards as well as advertising revenue from your articles. For regular authors, this can become a great opportunity to earn passive income.

    If you are interested, respond to this thread by commenting below or contact us directly.
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    That was a really encouraging news for the travel writers. Just curious to know, if it is for the Guest Writers, or is it the same for the members too?

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    We offer higher rate for paid content developers and guest writers who do not take any other benefits like AdSense revenue share. Even for regular authors, our pay rate is much higher than other websites in our network.

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    I am looking for joining in as a regular, what is the criteria?

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    You are most Welcome to our travel site There's no hard and fast criteria to join us. All you need to have is a good grip on the English language, a passion for travel and writing along with some awesome original photographs to share.
    Let people know the places you have visited with an apt description and relevant information, so that travelers can benefit from your articles. That's it.
    Joining IndiaTravelBlog is FREE at your end, but you will be paid for all the knowledge and experience you share.
    All the Best.

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    I have joined , Can i start writing about places right away, or are there any further criteria

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    Hi, I submitted one article last week. Still to hear from you guys.

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    You can start posting articles right away.

    Anusmita, we will clear the backlog in a few days.

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    Hi, thanks for the update.

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