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    Do You Like Train Travel or Air Travel in our country??

    Air travel has two advantages over train travel. First, it can save much time.We can fly from Bangalore to Delhi in two hours, but by train, we have to spend twenty hours or more. Second,Air Travel is more comfortable, because the plane flies so smoot qly that we can rest well during the trip, while the train is crowded sometimes and passengers have to sit for a long time, which makes them tired. But train travel also has its advantages.Besides this, outside of the trains windows, we can enjoy the views of many big cities.
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    I agree with your point. Flight travel is quick and short but somehow I prefer flight travel over trains for short distances like Kochi to Bangalore or Bangalore to Mumbai. For any journeys up to 500km, I prefer trains since I can sleep overnight in the train comfortably. In case of flights, even though it takes only 1 to 2 hours for such flights, the time taken to reach the airport, waiting time in the airport and also the hassles for security check etc are pretty high. In case of trains, you can just walk into the train and occupy your birth.

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