Vacations & travel Destinations in Maharashtra

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Bedse Caves near Pune - a 2300 year old buddhist monument

Pune is the second largest city in Maharashtra State. The Bedsa Caves in Pune forms an important part of Excursions near by Pune. Located close to the Kamshet Railway Station in the interior parts of the village of Bedsa, the caves provide you a retreat from the bustling city life. In this article you will learn more about Bedse Caves

Bhimashankar - A Visit to the Holy Place in Maharashtra, India

Bhima Shankar is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of India. It is a one of the old places in Maharashtra. Very Nice place to visit and get worship of Lord Shiva. On the way also, you can enjoy nature, especially in monsoon season. Lovely holy place.

One Day Trip to Kanheri Caves Mumbai | Kanheri Caves Information

Interested in visiting some Buddhist caves within the perimeter of Mumbai? Want to enjoy the waterfalls in the rains? Searching for a suitable picnic spot? Then have no worries, you will find Kanheri Caves Mumbai an interesting and awesome destination most suitable for a one day trip. If you want to walk or jog or run or trek or get wet in the rains or enjoy the Buddhist shrines then these caves are inviting you. Read my travelogue and also Kanheri caves information.

Visiting Lonar Crater Lake

Complete information on how to and when to visit Lonar. And also about what to see and do in Lonar and where to stay.

The Kanheri Caves

The Kanheri Caves in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, have a history that goes back in 1st AD, When Buddhists rocked out and used these caves as their residence.

Ellora Caves

Ellora caves portray majestic artworks, made way back in 5th to 6th AD. Read on.

A Day Trip to the Lush Green Aarey Colony Mumbai

Interested in a day trip in the heart of Mumbai? Searching for the location suitable for a family picnic? Then this article which describes the Aarey Colony Mumbai may be useful to you. Here I have described the location, in brief, its history, how to reach, and what to do. This is an ideal one day getaway in Mumbai, reachable from South, Western, Eastern and Harbour parts of the city.

Awesome monsoon Trek in Kharghar hills Navi Mumbai

Wondering where to take a light monsoon trek in Navi Mumbai? Searching for places to visit near Kharghar or simple and a long road to walk amidst the hills and greens? Then you will find an awesome location in Navi Mumbai, called the Kharghar Hills. In this article, you can read about the details of this location, how to reach and what to see there. Read about our enjoyable experience in Kharghar hills Navi Mumbai and it may motivate you to take this awesome monsoon trek.

Best Sights of Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar

Are you planning to visit Panchgani or Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra state? Read this interesting travelogue which explains tourist attractions and other useful information for those planning to visit these tourist spots.

Shivaji Park: Public Park in Central Mumbai

Wondering where to hang out in Central Mumbai, with family or friends? Confused about what to do and where to eat in and around Shivaji Park? Check out this article for more information about tourist attractions in Shivaji Park and make your evening a memorable one!

Best Tourist Places in Maharashtra

Are you planning to make a visit to Maharashtra? the State Maharashtra is best known for its capital city Mumbai. Read this article which explains tourist attractions and best tourist places in Maharashtra.

Juhu Beach and Juhu Chaupati, Mumbai

Juhu beach and the Juhu Chaupati are some of the most famous localities in Mumbai. Juhu is one of the most sought after places in Mumbai specially by the film stars.

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