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Looking for a long trip in the coming holidays? Gujarat welcomes you with its exotic beaches, historic capitals, temple towns, wildlife sanctuaries, hill resorts and palaces with world famous sculptures.

Gujarat being the sixth largest state of India is situated in the western part of the coastline of Arabian Sea. It is held as one of the most popular tourist states in the country which accommodates around 19.8 million domestic and international tourists in a couple of years. Gujarat is a state which is a unique combination of the Arabian Sea and a bit of the Thar Desert which is the home state of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of Nation. Besides the famous Jain temples in Palitana and Girnar Hills, the state has major tourist attractions which include the only home for the Asiatic Lions in India in the Gir Forests. There is also the popular tourists desert ride that you get at the Wild Ass Sanctuary. The magnificent Indo-Saracenic Architecture of Ahmedabad and the colourful tribal villages of Kutch where the Great Rann of Kutch to the hills of Saputara make an unforgettable traveling experience. Gujarat tourism has developed in the recent years in huge proportion. With the popular phrase “Aavo Padharo” which means “the guest is 'God'”, it depicts the cordial inviting gestures from the people of Gujarat which makes you feel like visiting there again and again.

Travel Tips

When you visit Gujarat, there are some tips that needs to be followed to make your journey smooth and hazard free. As the state encourage tourism to its core and welcome the tourists with warm and cordial behaviour, they expect the same from the tourists too. So, it is better to hire a tourist guide with you if you are new to the place and not traveling on a vehicle of your own. Tipping these guides will make the tours and travels easier for you in Gujarat, but in hotels you must check the tipping instructions and follow them as in many cases they won't encourage tipping.
Gujarat is hot in summer and cold in winter. Depending upon the time of visit, select your clothes which would keep you comfortable. In comparison to other states, Gujarat is relatively conservative. So a little bit of traditional and moderately designed clothes will make you feel comfortable among the local people.
As a mostly vegetarian state, Gujaarat offers an exquisite vegetarian cuisine, which they call it “Veg thali", but if you prefer non-vegetarian dishes, then it is advisable to go for renowned hotels for the standard hygiene and good taste.

How to Reach

Gujarat is a well connected state by all the means of transport. You can reach there by Airways, Railways and Roadways at ease.

By Air
Gujarat has a number of domestic airports namely Surat, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Junagarh, Vadodara, Kandla, Keshod, and Bhuj. There are daily flights to Ahmedabad, from the major metros of India and you get frequent international flights too that connects Ahmedabad with the major countries of the world.

By Rail
The Railway network of Gujarat is equally sound that connects the city of Ahmedabad to other cities with the superfast trains, expresses, passenger mail trains and so on.

How to get there by Road
Gujarat has the best roads and highways of Western India. There are two and four lane highways network that connects the state to the other parts of the country as well as connecting the different parts of the state itself. Driving through the state is a pleasure while the Gujarat state transport corporation offers bus services to every point of the state and the neighbouring states of Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.


In Gujarat you get Nature & Wildlife Safari Trips to the Sasan Gir Wildlife Sanctuary. You can arrange a tour package with Nirav Panchal, which is one of the most knowledgeable guides of Gujarat that conducts customized tours from single-day experiences in Ahmedabad and multi-day trips through the different parts of the state. There is an option called Heritage Walk conducted by the Municipal Corporation of Ahmedabad that takes you to a walking tour through the old city. The House of MG Walk shows you the home of Mahatma Gandhiji that includes the Breakfast Walk, offered in the months of October to March. The Centre for Desert & Ocean is a wildlife conservation organization by the renowned environmentalist Jugal Tiwari where you get bird watching and wildlife trips in the Banni grasslands of Sumrasar Sheikh and Khavda. There is this Dehko Amdavad bus tour of eight-hours in which you see the major sights of Ahmedabad.

Timings & Season

The ideal time for visiting Gujarat would be any time between November to February. Winter in Gujarat falls within these four months and the temperature remains 12 - 29 Celsius. Summer starts in March and continues till May when the temperature varies between 29 - 41 Celsius which becomes uncomfortably hot. So it is not recommendable to visit this state in summer holidays. Rather the Monsoon could be a better option, which would be between June to October with moderate temperature of 27 to 35 Celsius. Those who love rain would surely have a thrilling experience to see Gujarat drenching in rain.


The history of Gujarat goes way back to the earliest human settlements of Indus Valley Civilization. The discovery of Harappan site of Dholavira in Kutchh District states that the dates goes back from 5000 BC. Lothal the early Harappan town has been established as the oldest known port of the world. The coastal cities of Gujarat, mainly Bharuch worked as ports and trading centers through the periods of several dynasties like the Maurya, Satavahana, Nanda and Gupta periods.
In later days of years 1818 to 1947 and the most present-day of Gujarat were directly ruled by British Government. India's "father of the nation", Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was a Gujarati who led the Indians for the Independence Movement against the British colonial rule. Later Gujarat took its shape by splitting the Bombay state in the year of 1960.


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