A Guide to Harike Bird Sanctuary

Come and explore Harike Bird Sanctuary if you are a true nature lover. Would you like to visit bird sanctuary and watch some of the best gifts of mother nature? You won't be disappointed here.


Take a walk if you like to see some birds on trees. Bring binoculars if you are desperate. Monkeys can be seen on the path, even the otters can be seen at some time in the morning. If you are lucky enough you can see the dolphins too.

Timings & Season

Specially, Winter Season is the best one to visit this place. Migratory birds can be seen in winter season.


Harike (or Hari ke Pattan), noted for being the village in Tarn Taran District in Punjab, Northern India where Guru Angad Dev Ji the second Sikh Guru was born (March 31, 1504). Sri Hari Ke Pattan Gurdwara Nanaksar with its beautiful colorful gardens is located on the banks of the wetland at Harike Lake.


Destinations & Attractions in Harike Bird Sanctuary

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