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Rajasthan, a major tourist State in India, attracts both domestic and international tourists with its magnificent historical palaces, forts and its amazing art and culture.

Rajasthan bestowed with its stunning natural beauty and proud of its great historical background, is known for its well-developed tourism industry. Tourism in Rajasthan contributes in eight percent of the state's domestic earning. The Government has taken special initiative to convert many old and neglected forts and palaces into heritage buildings and some of them have been developed as luxurious hotels. Tourism has helped the state increasing employment ratio particularly in the hospitality sector. The royal palaces of Jaipur, the serene lakes of Udaipur, the desert forts of Jaisalmer Jodhpur and Bikaner are the most cherished destination points for innumerable tourists both from within the country and from abroad.

Travel Tips

Rajasthan is generally a hot place because of the Thar Desert. It would be hot in the day time, while quite cold in the night. It would be advisable to carry light cotton dresses for the day time and a little bit of woolens for the night. To deal with the burning heat always carry Caps, sunscreen, Goggles etc to avoid tanning. Carry enough quantity of water bottles to avoid dehydration.
As Rajasthan is famous for Tourism, fraudulent activities have developed around this industry. So, never select a shopping center suggested by the auto or taxi drivers as those are part of the chain where they purposely hike the price to distribute the profit among themselves.
Bargaining is a common practice here. Be it the local tour package, a small in town sightseeing, or shopping, if you don't bargain, you are at major loss. Reducing the price by 30 to 50 percent of the said price, would finally bring you closer to the actual rate.
If you are a foreign traveler, make sure to exchange your money only at authorized Indian banks only.

How to Reach

Rajasthan is well connected with air, rail and road that makes traveling to Rajasthan a pleasurable experience.
By Air
The Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI), at New Delhi is the nearest airport to Rajasthan which is 250 KM from there for the International flights. From there you can take another domestic flight to the major cities of Rajasthan like, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur.
By Rail
Rajasthan is connected through an excellent network of railways spread over 4600 km of railway track and is flooded with direct superfast and other express trains coming from Delhi and Mumbai. The capital of Rajasthan is Jaipur which is connected to all the other major cities of India like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad through a broad-gauge railway network.
By Road
The national highway of Rajasthan which is stretched over 5655 km and the state highway being 8627 km long are interconnected with the NH8 that passes through Jaipur and Udaipur. There is a beautiful four lane road that connects Agra to Jaipur and a pleasure to drive through.


There's a lot of scope for fun activities in Rajasthan.
Take the Camel Safaris or the back of a horse to explore the Desert.
For the nature lovers, Ranthambore's Wildlife sanctuary and Bharatpur's Bird sanctuary are a must visit.
You can have an unforgettable Experience to the Palaces on Wheels. It is a train that is filled with luxury replicating the world-famous luxurious items of the royals.
There are the famous small lanes and slim alleys of Rajasthan that offer a perfect haven for shopaholics. The alluring classical kathputlies, the typically Rajasthani block with tie and dye printed apparels, the ethnic jewelry and accessories originated from this region can chain you to these streets for hours.
Experience the festivals which are prearranged for the classical fairs, where the natives would exhibit their culture through the fountains of colors and beauty. The traditional Rajasthani Folk art and Camel Races are lifetime experiences, which you cannot afford to miss.

Timings & Season

The best time to head towards Rajasthan is from the middle of September to the beginning of March. Though the climate will be dry throughout, the heat would remain mild with lesser humidity. The winter months of November to January would be sunny yet cosy while the nights and early mornings would make you shiver with cold. Do not choose the days of summers as it would be extremely hot and not really advisable. The monsoon would break mostly in July carrying on till the end of September. October and November would be comfortably warm but not that wet.


The history of human settlement in the west Indian state of Rajasthan dates back to about 5,000 years ago. This region was inhabited during great floods after the ice age as well. Area was known as Gujratra or Gurjar nation, early in the Muslim period.
Reports from Archaeological excavations point to the fact that Harappan culture originated and flourished through parts of Rajasthan since 1000 BC. The state was well known for its Paleolithic settlements that was found from the paintings of that period. At Dundhmer, which is now been known as the modern day Dundhar, was acknowledged as the first Aryan settlement which has been discovered so far. Many ancient Hindu scriptures have references to the holy city of Pushkar of Rajasthan.
The state of Rajasthan stood witness to several historic battles, the rise and downfall of empires and dynasties like Magadha, Kushanas, Guptas or Mauryas to Mughals and lastly the British. The foundation of Rajasthan can be attributed to several tribes like the Jats, Rajputs, Bhils, Nath, Gujars, Ahirs,, and Meenas who were the original inhabitants of the state. The most prominent from them are the Rajputs who were dominant through the history of the state.


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