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Looking for destinations for your next holiday trip? Then Haryana, a state in the North Indian Territory can make it memorable with its awesome Natural Beauty and tourist attractions.

Haryana, a state in the Northern part of India is surrounding the city of New Delhi by three sides. The forceful Yamuna River runs all along the eastern border of Uttar Pradesh. The state capital of Haryana is Chandigarh which is famous for its modern architectural buildings and the street plan that connects the city like a grid, designed by the well-known Swiss architect, Le Corbusier. Dwelling at the foothills of Aravalli range of mountains, the state of Haryana has a sprawling area over 44,000 square kilometres. Before it got founded in the year 1966, the state of Punjab was formerly divided into two parts, namely Haryana and the current state of Punjab. The name Haryana, refers to the etymological meaning of the Home of Hari (Lord Vishnu). It boasts of an ancient history that proudly proclaims dates that goes back to the very old Vedic age. Witnessing the great battle of Kurukshetra fought between Pandavas and Kauravas of the epic Mahabharata. The most popular districts in Haryana are, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Panchkula, Karnal and Rohtak. In Rohtak the Banni Khera Farm and Tilyar Lake are the main tourist spots where tourists flock from all over the world.

Travel Tips

The state of Haryana does have some remote locations at the outskirts of the city where policing isn't that active. As it has popular tourist spots scattered all over the districts, it is always better to gather every possible information about the destinations that you want to cover before you start your journey. This would reduce the travel time between the spots and might cost lesser if you know the route map well.
To be on the safer side, avoid boarding cabs from the road during late nights, rather book a cab service online which would have all the necessary security aspects at place. Hiring a government authorized guide would be still better as they let you know about the place in detail.
To be specific and clear, the State of Haryana is more of a traditional and conservative place, where Religious beliefs are held in high esteem. To avoid any untoward, unpleasant or scuffling experience, carefully know in advance the norms and regulations before entering any religious place. If the rules do not suit your preferences, better to skip and skim through the surface and surrounding area, rather than entering any dispute.

How to Reach

Haryana is well connected state that can be reached by all major means of transportation. Whether you are planning to reach the state by air, railways or roadways, these are the pockets you can choose as one of your first stops for Haryana.

By Air
To reach Haryana by air, one has to connect to the main domestic airport of Haryana in Chandigarh which is served by the national carrier. The airport is well connected with Delhi, Mumbai and Leh.

By Rail
From all over India one can reach by train. Haryana is connected by the convenient railway network where trains from long distance cross the state. Linking up with the east-west, north and south regions of the country, the state has a busy railway junction through all its districts. The famous Shatabdi Express connects Chandigarh and Ambala to New Delhi.

To travel to Haryana from its neighbouring states the easiest transportation medium is by road. Every approach road to this state give excellent driving experience. The highways, are well equipped with tourist rest houses, restaurants and rest rooms.


The Tourism Department of the state has ways to entertain every kind of tourist interest like golf, adventure and highway drive pleasure.
There are few famous lake-cum-picnic spots in like Karna Lake, Badkhal Lake, Yadavindra Gardens, and Damdama Lake to spend a day of leisure.
To collect some memoirs of this place one can shop the ‘phulkari', embroidery dresses of Haryana while other outdoor activities can include boating, golfing, rafting angling, and hang gliding. The Suraj Kund Mela and the Kartik Cultural Festival gather tourists every year.
If you are a wildlife enthusiast, then Haryana has a long list for you. The must visits among them are namely, Aravalli Biodiversity Park, Basai Wetlands, Sultanpur National Park and Hari-Ke-Pattan Bird Sanctuary, Bhindawas and Kalesar Wildlife Sanctuary, Chak Sarkar Forest in Ferozpur Jhirka.
There are numerous temples, as Haryana is also a pilgrim place. Besides these there are plenty of exquisite shopping malls and entertainment parks to make each of your travel days buzz with activities.

Timings & Season

Though the Stateof Haryana could be visited throughout the year, but the climate of the state might not be equally inviting through the summer days and for those who do not like rains.
The best time to tune with the climate of Haryana would be somewhere between the months of October and March that can conveniently place you while avoiding the hot summers and the wetness of rainy season. The weather at this time remains cool and pleasant.
Avoid the months of April to June, as the temperature rises high. Some do prefer July and August, to see the lustrous green fields washed with the heavy rainfall.


The state of Haryana was administered during the British rule as a part of the Punjab province. It got a separate entity of administration in 1966.
The early history of the state refers back to the Vedic Period where the boundaries of Kurukshetra was referred as the contemporary name in the Taittiriya Aranyaka 5.1.1.

The Pre-Islamic Hindu-Buddhist period started at c.?1910s with Hemu Vikramaditya. After him, the next prominent king was Prithviraj Chauhan who established his magnificent forts at Taraori and Hansi during 12th century.
During Muslim invasion, Firoz Shah Tughlaq built his fort in this state at Hisar in 1354 along with some canals or rajwahas described in the Indo-Persian historical texts.
In 1857 during the first war of independence major rebellions participated from Ambala, Hisar, Ballabhgarh, Sirsa, Hansi, Rohtak, Jhajjar, Bahadurgarh, Farrukhnagar, Rewari, Thanesar and Panipat.
In 1966, November 1st, the state was framed with parts of Punjab united by the "Hindi-speaking areas."


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