Tourist Destinations in Karnataka

Explore Karnataka, a State of South India ranked as the fifth most popular one for its tourism. Your trip can cover the beautifully sculptured temples, hilly ranges, dense forests, wildlife sanctuaries, beaches and modern cities.

The tourism in Karnataka is generally been divided into four geographical regions: the Hill Stations, the North Karnataka, South Karnataka and Coastal Karnataka. Heritage: There are a good number of Heritage spots in Karnataka, among which the most popular are: Halebeedu, Bangalore Palace, Badami, Bellary Fort, Bangalore Fort and Tipu's Palace, the famous Mysore Palace. Beaches: If you want to get a "on the beach" holiday, there are a number of them awaiting your visit like, Malpe, St. Mary's island, Murudeshwar and many more. Nature : If you are a Nature lover and just want to get a close touch of her, get in any of these spots of Flora and Fauna. The hills and the falls will keep your mind filled with awe and wonder. Don't miss out the famous spots like Kudremukh, Nandi Hills, Coorg, Kemmanagundi and so on. Wildlife Sanctuaries: For Wildlife enthusiasts there are National Parks and Sanctuaries in a huge number. The most popular among them are Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary, Kudremukh National Park, Bandipur National Park and Bannerghatta National Park. So start choosing a route map which covers most of them that are of your interest.

Travel Tips

There are so many types of places in Karnataka, that the best way to chalk out a travel trip there is by considering a few things of your priority. Depending upon the number of days you can spend, the types of places you want to see, the transport you are going to avail and finally the budget you are ready to shell out, you have to study the map of the State well in advance. You can try covering a number of places, or spend a couple of days in a single place and relax.

How to Reach

Bengaluru is the capital of Karnataka. Reaching there is the best possible way to reach out to any of these places. SO you can reach Bangaluru by Air, Railways and by Luxury Bus Services. You can even choose to reach there by your own vehicle, if you are from any of the nearby states. Recently the Government of Karnataka has given Tourism a keen eye and has introduced a train named The Golden Chariot which runs between the most popular tourist attractions that glorify the home State and the state of Goa.


The young folk can get a number of activities to pursue and enjoy in the State of Karnataka. Starting from Sight Seeing, the tourists can choose to do any or more of the following:

Trekking, Rock Climbing, Bird Watching, White Water Rafting, Angling and go for a number of Aerosports options.

Timings & Season

The State of Karnataka covers an area of 191,791 km that consists of different land forms and weathers. So, it is a state you can visit round the year, and choose to visit the places depending upon the kind of place it is.
To visit the beaches and the Wildlife Sanctuaries, the best season would be around October to April. A visit in July to September would have its own charm of the monsoon.


The history of Karnataka that are recorded so far goes back to more than two millennia. Famous empires and glorious dynasties had their reign in Karnataka who hold special significance in the history, culture and development of the state of Karnataka.
Karnataka was a major part of the Maurya Empire. Approximately during 230 BCE, the Satavahana dynasty had its rule that lasted nearly for four centuries.
Followed by the next few imperial empires, like the Badami, Chalukyas, Rashtrakuta Dynasty and Western Chalukya Empire successively, the Kings of those dynasties patronized the Kannada language and developed the Kannada literature. Later major parts of Karnataka were taken over by the Chola Dynasty in about 11th century.
In 1950, Mysore became an Indian state and was renamed as Karnataka in 1973.


Popular Districts

Popular Regions

Destinations & Attractions in Karnataka

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Irupu Waterfalls

Irupu Waterfalls is a famous tourist attraction in Kodagu district of Karnataka.

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