Anayirangal Dam (Anayirankal Dam) - One of the best attractions in Munnar

Anayirangal Dam is one of the most scenic destinations in Munnar region. The dam and the lake are visited by a lot of tourists who love to enjoy the scenic beauty of high ranges to its best. Read more about the attractions here.

"Anayirankal" is a combination of two Malayalam words. "Aana" stands for "elephant" and "irankal" means "coming down". The word "Anayirankal dam" means, the dam where the elephants come down (to drink water).

Even though the dam has been existing for a while, this area was neglected until recently. In the recent years, the lake and surroundings are being promoted as a tourism destination by the electricity board which controls the dam. Since it is a newly developed tourist attraction, you won't see much crowd there.

The rare sight of elephant herds coming down to the lake from the nearby forests to quench their thirst is a treat to the eyes.

If you love photography, this is one of the best locations in Munnar to shoot some amazing pictures and videos.

Also, this is an ideal place to take the children. They can safely run around through the large open area of grass while parents take rest and relax. You can plan some outdoor games and have a lot of fun.

Travel Tips

Ticket Rates to access the park in the dam:

Adults - RS. 20
Children - Rs. 10
Four Wheeler - Rs. 30
Two Wheeler - Rs. 10
Mini Bus - Rs. 50

Boating rates:

Speed Boat(15 Minutes) - 5 Persons(Including children) - Rs. 750/-
Pontoon Boat(30 minutes) - 20 Seater(Including children) - 1600/-

Life Jacket is compulsory and is provided in all boats.

How to Reach

Anayirankal dam is at a distance of about 22 km from Munnar towards Pooppara - Thekkady direction. Munnar - Thekkady route is one of the most scenic routes in Kerala.

If you have your own vehicle, drive towards Pooppara. In about 15 km, you will reach Chinnakanal, one of the key landmarks in Munnar. Proceed further towards Thekkady and you will reach Anayirankal Dam in about 7km from Chinnakanal.

Route from Munnar to Anayirangal Dam


The main attraction of this place is its natural beauty and the scenic drive along the route. If you are lucky, you can see the elephants coming to drink water in the lake. If you like to sit and spend some time in the lap of nature, there is no better place. There is a small park with seating area for visitors to sit and relax. Also, if you are hungry or like to have some coffee, there is a tea shop and a food court.

Boating is another attraction at Anayirankal dam. They have a couple of Pontoon boats and speed boats. A boat ride will take you closer to the thick forests and give you a better view of the natural beauty. If there are animals sighted, the boats will take closer to them.

There are toilets and other basic amenities.

Timings & Season

Anayingal dam can be visited any time of the year. During and after monsoon, the reservoir will be full and will give a nice view of the high level of water. During peak of summer, the water level will go really down.