Bharanikuzhi Waterfalls, Malayattoor

Bharanikuzhi Waterfalls is a small local picnic spot, located within the forest area of Malayattoor Forest Division. It is located adjacent to the Malayattoor - Kurisumudy pilgrim centre.

Bharanikuzhi is a seasonal waterfalls which attracts a few adventurous local tourists. During monsoon, this place is very beautiful with a small waterfall formed from the streams originating from Kurisukudi mountain in the Malayattoor forests.

Since the water is so fresh and is not contaminated or polluted, the water is crystal clear and is of drinking quality. Local visitors come here often to relax and have fun splashing water or taking a batch. Since the water is very shallow, swimming is not possible.

"Bharanikuzhi" in malayalam is a combination of 2 words: "Bharani" (means "large ceramic jar") and "kuzhi" (means "pit"). This name was given by the villagers because of the few deep pits there which has the shape of large jars. These deep pits were formed over the years by the water dropping from a height of about 12 feets.

Travel Tips

Do not carry any plastics or glass to this location. This is not an approved tourist destination and it may be illegal to enter into the forest area. There is no proper cleaning system and so, any waste you leave at this place may pollute the nature.

How to Reach

Bharanikuzhi is located near Manappattuchira lake, at the foot hills of Kurisumudi, a tall mountain and a famous Christian pilgrim place. There is no proper road access and is not possible to drive beyond "Adivaram", the base point of Malayattoor Kurisumdi mountain.

To reach Bharanikuzhi, park your vehicle at "Adivaram" (foot hills of St Thomas mountain) and walk through the unpaved trails through the forest on the leftside of the mountain. After you walk about 1 km, you can listen to the sounds of the waterfalls. Once you locate the shallow stream, walk further until you spot the small waterfall and a few deep rock pits.

Be prepared to walk through the unpaved path. It is possible that you may get lost and it is recommended to go along with some local villagers who can guide you. Check with the local shops at Adivaram and they will guide you.


This is not a place for a lot of activities. In fact, it is recommended not to get into much adventure activities here.

You can splash water or take a bath in the crystal clear water. Since this place is far from any residential area, it is very calm and quite. It is very relaxing to spend a few hours in the lap of nature.

Timings & Season

During summer, this place may be fully dry and there won't be any water. Best time to visit is during monsoon where the waterfalls are formed and is a lot of fun to watch.