Palakkad Tourist Destinations

Palakkad is known as rice bowl of Kerala. There are many attractions in Palakkad. Read to know more about Palakkad tourist destinations.

Palakkad district is a renowned district in the state of Kerala. It is also known as the granary of Kerala and Rice bowl of Kerala. This district is bordered by Malappuram district in the north-west, Thrissur district in the south-west, Nilgiris district in the northeast, and Coimbatore in the east. This district was previously known as Palakkattussery. It is the gateway to Kerala due to the presence of Palakkad gap in the Western Ghats. The climate of this district is quite pleasant except in the summer season. This place is blessed with many small and medium rivers which are the tributaries of Bharathapuzha River. The official language of this district is Malayalam which is frequently and widely spoken. Some of the prominent Palakkad tourist destinations are Palakkad Fort, Parambikulam wildlife sanctuary, silent valley national park, Malampuzha dam garden, Dhoni, Nelliyampathi etc. The name of this district has been derived from two Malayalam words i.e. Pala (Alsteria Scholaris) and Kadu (forest).


Destinations & Attractions in Palakkad District

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