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Arthunkal is a major pilgrim center and coastal town of Kerala. It is considered as the holy land by countless numbers of devotees. This place is famous for its church, which has the Roman martyr Saint Sebastian as its patron. This is the rapidly developing satellite town of the Kochi and considered as the holy place of the South India. Arthunkal is located nearly about 45 km to the south from Kochi and 22 km to the North from Alappuzha.

Travel Tips

Arthunkal is known as the most important pilgrimage sites in Kerala and considered as an ideal destination for the spirituality lovers. It is believed that the Saint Sebastian has the powers to heal the crippled and maimed people, therefore, plenty of disabled people also visit this shrine. Devotees also express their gratitude by crawling on their knees. Finding spiritual inspiration and exploring inner peace is something that is guaranteed to all the visitors.

How to Reach

One can easily reach Arthunkal either by railways or airways. The Cherthala railway station is the nearest station which is almost about 8 km from this place. The Cochin international airport is the nearest airport which is at the distance of about 60 to 70 km from the Arthunkal. The local residents can reach this place by hiring any private conveyance.


Arthunkal is surrounded by plenty of beautiful and tranquil places which must be visited by the travelers. These places include St. Andrew Basilica, St. Andrew church, Arthunkal Church, Sacred heart church, Vishnu temple, Church parish hall, St. Sebastian Church, St. Joseph Church, Poklassery temple, Valiyaveli temple, Athunkal Beach and a lot more. This is the best place for meditation and to get the peace of mind.

Timings & Season

Arthunkal can be visited in all the season of the year. But if you wish to attend the most notable event of this place i.e. Arthunkal Perunnal then you should visit in the month of January. This has a grand celebration and is the most enjoyable event of Arthunkal.