Pandavan Rock

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Pandavan Rock is an ancient and historical tourist destination located in Urukunnu, Kerala. This is one of the renowned tourist attractions and has derived its name from the Pandavas of Mahabharata. It is believed that they stayed inside the cave during their exile. It is the perfect picnic spot with the tranquil environment and serene beauty. The tourists visiting this cave have to take a walk to the destination; however, it is not a hard climb. Remember, it is not difficult for the young people to climb but it can prove challenging for the elderly ones.

Travel Tips

If you really love adventures then the Pandavan Rock would be a perfect destination. It is obligatory to be well prepared while climbing up the rock. It is advised to wear sunglasses to avoid the glare, a medical kit, and emergency light. Don't forget to take the camera so as to capture the breathtaking beauty of the environment and the majestic surroundings.

How to Reach

The Pandavan Rock can be reached easily by airways, roadways, and railways. Also, there is a provision of the waterways route for easily reaching this destination. To visit the Pandavan Rock, the visitors also have to take a short walk and climb the rock.


Apart from a lovely small trek and breathtaking views of the surroundings, the Pandavan Rock will be a goodie-packed with the thrill for the adventure seekers. The place has history, folklore, beauty, nature, adrenaline motivators and yes, the fresh air and pristine aura. Apart from the Pandavan Rock, the visitors can also discover Puthukkulangara Devi temple, Sri Bala Subramanyaswami Temple, St Joseph Malankara Catholic Church and other nearby tourist spots.

Timings & Season

Well, one can visit this destination at any time of the year but still the best time to visit is from September to March. Also, try to visit at the time of sunset as this is considered as the perfect time to capture and enjoy the majestic sunset views.