International Coir Museum

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The International Coir Museum is one of the most stunning tourist destinations in Alleppey which enjoys the status of being an off-beat tourist spot too. This attracts tourists from all over the world. Needless to mention, this museum is the first of its kinds in the world. A tour of this museum really educates the visitors about the advancements in the coir sector. It is a vibrant and well – maintained museum. This museum depicts the creativity and workmanship which really attracts the domestic as well as international tourists. This is really a worthwhile place to visit.

Travel Tips

As the name implies, the International Coir Museum offers the international standard to the visitors. This is a government operated museum where the gradual progress in the coir industry is exhibited in a very scientific manner. This is a beautiful place to visit and see the vast collection of samples of coir of different variety.

How to Reach

As this place is located in Alleppey, it is easily accessible through any mode of convenience. The nearest railway station is the Alappuzha railway station which is located at the minimal distance from this museum. Also, this place is easily accessible from the Cochin international airport which is the nearest airport from this place. The locals of Alleppey can visit this place either through the public conveyance or by hiring the private one.


Here, one can enjoy the vast collection of the ancient equipment that was used at the inception of the industry to make the coir products. Apart from the International Coir Museum, the visitors can also enjoy the nearby destinations such as RKK museum, sea view park, Alappuzha lighthouse and a lot more.

Timings & Season

This International Coir Museum can be visited throughout the year. This museum is usually open from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm.