Looking for more information about Kadammanitta? Here is your guide on Kadammanitta to Know More about Kadammanitta Village, Photos and Route

Kadammanitta is a well – known tourist destination of the Kerala region. Basically, this is a village in the Pathanamthitta district of Kerala. This is one of the ancient and fascinating towns which really offers a mesmerizing experience to the visitors. This village is blessed with unique religious unity festivals and rich heritage. This village is known for its ritual art named Padayani as well as by the name of the famous poet Kadammanitta Ramakrishnan. It is located approximately 6 KM away from the village Pathanamthitta and attracts the number of tourists from all over the country.

Travel Tips

If you really wish to explore the villages of Kerala then the Kadammanitta village would be the foremost choice. This is a perfect destination to spend some lovely time with your dear ones. Here, one can actually explore traditions and rituals of the South Indian region. The beauty of the village itself depicts its value and grabs the attention of not only the domestic tourists but also the international tourists.

How to Reach

This place is near Pathanamthitta and, therefore, it is easily accessible by the visitors. One can easily reach this place from the railway station or by roadways. The local residents of the Pathanamthitta can also hire the private conveyance to visit this town.


This town is blessed with three Christian churches and two temples. Hence, the visitors can visit these places for worship and meditation. The visitors can also enjoy the ten – day long Padayani performances conducted as a part of the festival.

Timings & Season

The Kadammanitta village can be visited in any season of the year as per your convenience. Well, if the visitor wishes to enjoy the Padayani festival and stunning performances then he should plan the trip to Kadammanitta in the month of April.