Chinese Fishing Nets

Chinese fishing(cheena vala) nets become one of main tourist attraction in kochi .The sight of the Chinese nets during the sunset is beautiful .Read Here to know More about Chinese Fishing Nets Kochi, Photos.

Located in Fort Kochi, Chinese Fishing Nets are one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Kerala region. It is quite different and weird but interesting way of fishing which is generally operated from the shore. These are fixed land installations which are used for the unique and unusual method of fishing. Chinese Fishing Nets are set up on the bamboo and teak poles which are held horizontally by huge mechanisms. This is really a worthwhile place to visit and attracts plenty of tourists every year. These nets look like hammocks and present the unique way of fishing which you've ever seen in your life.

Travel Tips

Really, the trip to Fort Kochi is incomplete without visiting the Chinese Fishing Nets. It is one of the renowned tourist destinations of Kerala and is also famous as a picnic spot. The entire structure of the Chinese Fishing Nets is about 10 m in height. The fishing net spreads about 20 m and is operated by almost six fishermen.

How to Reach

As this place is situated in Fort Kochi, therefore, it can be easily visited. One can use the railways or airways to reach this beautiful tourist destination. Ernakulam junction (almost 6km away from the place) is the nearest railway station and Cochin international airport is the nearest airport which is located at the minimal distance of 44 km from the same.


Here, the visitors can explore the unique and unusual fishing method and enjoy the refreshing environment of the seashore. Also, this is a place where one can enjoy one of the best sunsets of his life which is breathtakingly beautiful.

Timings & Season

Well, Chinese Fishing Nets is generally open in all the seasons of the year. The fishing is usually done in the morning and in the early evening so plan your trip accordingly.