Vallarpadam Church

Vallarpadam Church is one of most visited piligramage spot in kerala,it is also called as "The church of our lady ransom" It is located in Vallarpadam, Ernakulam. This article provides you more details about Vallarpadam Church.

Vallarpadam Church is the pilgrimage center which is located in Vallarpadam, Ernakulam. This holy shrine is open for the people of all faiths. It attracts the attention of the pilgrim from all over the world. This church is dedicated to the Holy Spirit and the first of its kind in Asia. This is the most renowned holy shrine of South Indian region and the people from all over the country visit here to seek the blessing of Mother Marry. Vallarpadam is situated next to Bolgatty Island in the west and linked to Ernakulam mainland via Goshree bridges.

Travel Tips

If you wish to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city then Vallarpadam Church is probably the only choice. Its impeccable looks and spectacular view really make this place worth for visiting. As this is the church, therefore, the visitors should follow some rules and regulations of this holy shrine. The best time to visit this place is during the annual festival which is usually organized in the month of September every year.

How to Reach

Vallarpadam is located near the mainland Ernakulam. The visitors will have to first visit Ernakulam either via railways or airways. Then, take 5 minutes ride from mainland Ernakulam to Vallarpadam Church. There are frequent bus services from Ernakulam to Vallarpadam. Also, the local residents of Ernakulum either take public transport or hire any private vehicle to reach the same.


Vallarpadam Church is a holy shrine and the visitors here can do meditation and explore the church exterior and interior. Here, one can get a chance to touch their inner selves and experience the eternal peace.

Timings & Season

Vallarpadam Church can be visited in all seasons of the year. If you wish to enjoy the annual feast of the church then plan your trip in the month of September.
The timings of Holy mass on weekdays are 6:30 am, 5:30 pm.