M.N.F. Gallery

M.N.F Gallery has unique paintings of prominent indian painters . It is situated next to the Museum of Kerala History. Read more for information on M.N.F. Gallery, Its Photos and Timing..etc

M.N.F. Gallery is located in Edapally, Kerala. It is renowned for its collection of amazing painting and sculptures. If you are an admirer of art in various forms or are looking for inspiration from the ancient and classic pieces, then this place is probably a perfect choice. It is situated next to museum of Kerala and grabs the attention from the visitors of all ages and interest. The gallery has a rich collection of almost 200 paintings. The collection is 100% authentic and imbibes all the elements and moods the canvas can capture. Apart from the paintings, it has a plethora of splendid modern sculptures.

Travel Tips

M.N.F. Gallery is a prominent tourist spot and a must – visit destination. Here, one can explore the different styles and forms of paintings and sculptures. Not only its huge collection but also its stylish architectural style attracts millions of tourists. It is now becoming a famous tourist spot and can be easily accessible by the visitors.

How to Reach

This place is well – connected by road, rail, and air. One can reach this place either by Ernakulam railway station which is located at a minimal distance of 8 to 9 km. Also, the nearest airport is the Cochin international airport which is just 26 km away from M.N.F. Gallery. If you are a local resident then you can easily travel by road and reach this place either by private vehicle or public conveniance.


Here, the visitors can explore the countless paintings of eminent Indian painters. Well, there are a lot of other places around M.N.F. Gallery such as Museum of Kerala, Hill palace museum and much more.

Timings & Season

This gallery generally opens in all seasons of the year. One can plan his trip to M.N.F. Gallery anytime as per his convenience. But remember that this place is closed on the national holidays so just check the date before visiting the same.