Kavvayi Backwater Kerala

Kavvayi Backwater is considered to be a Major Tourist Destination of Kerala, located near Payyannur in the Kannur district of Kerala.Kavvayi Backwater is one of the largest backwater in North India.This article gives you more info regarding Kavvayi Backwater .

Kavvayi Backwater is one of the fascinating tourist destinations located near Payyannur in the Kannur district of Kerala. Like other backwaters of Kerala, this one also has lots of unique attractions and elements that could easily make you fall in love with it. The backwater stretches are full of engrossing and alluring sights to interest the travelers. Kavvayi Backwater, or Kavvayi Kayal or the backwaters of Kavvayi is one of the lesser – known northern backwaters of northern Kerala.

Travel Tips

Kavvayi backwater is formed with five rivers i.e. river Kavvayi and its tributary streams Kuppithodu, Kankol, Kuniyan, and Vanathichal. The backwater is surrounded by a splendid lush green area which makes the surroundings ethereal. The backwater setting at Kavvayi is one of the biggest wetlands in North Kerala with an area of nearly 37 square KM. Kavvayi Backwater is surrounded by several small and big islands which can be explored by the tourists.

How to Reach

This place is well – connected with the nearby cities and, therefore, it is easily accessible by the visitors. One can easily reach this place either from Payyannur railway station (3 KM away from this backwater) or from Calicut international airport (nearly 154 KM from this place).


As this is a backwater hence, the visitors can enjoy the water – related sports, enjoy a walk in the lush green surroundings, enjoy boat rides and explore the nearby small and big islands. The availability of house boats, surfing gear and other such activities might change in the seasons of heavy rainfall.

Timings & Season

This place greets the visitors in almost all seasons of the year hence, one can plan their trip to Kavvayi Backwater at any time or in any season.