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Pullumedu hills are one of the majestic hills surrounding the Periyar River. Lush green carpeting the complete hill and rare flora and fauna is not only a lovely sight for the sore eyes but is a visual wonder for all kinds of travelers. The Pullumedu hill translates to green meadows and when you actually reach there, you will be able to perfectly relate the name to the appearance. It is 43 km from Thekkady and 26 km from Periyar. This destination is best for those who love the sight of nature in raw and unblemished form. This place is not only ideal for nature lovers but also for academicians. Apart from its scenic beauty, this place is also known for its spiritual importance.

Travel Tips

This place offers majestic view of the world famous Sree Ayyappa Temple of Sabarimala. Certain areas around Pullumedu are not open for tourists and, therefore, the visitors are advised not to visit such locations as they are maintained to balance the eco – system. A minor disturbance can hurt the whole eco-system so be cautious about it.

How to Reach

As this place is located inside the forests, therefore, it can be easily accessible through jeep or similar vehicles. The nearest railway station is Kottayam junction which is 58 KM away from this place. Cochin international airport is the nearest one and located at the distance of 225 KM away from this place. Access is possible only through jeep, taxi, car, cab etc as this is located in a forest zone.


Here, the visitors can enjoy the variety of flora and fauna, get some calm and peace in such a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, enjoy the majestic view of Sree Ayyappa temple and Makra Jyoti and explore the nearby tourist destinations as well. Some hiking, trekking, and forest exploration are other suggested activities.

Timings & Season

The best time to visit this place is after the monsoon season as, during this time, the climate is cool and pleasant. One can plan his trip to Pullumedu during September to December and enjoy the beauty of the place. The timings of the forest range are 6:00 am to 7:00 pm and it remains open on all the weekdays. Remember, pets are not allowed in Pullumedu.