Kulamav Dam | Kulamav Dam Kerala

Are you planning to make a Trip to Kulamav Dam Kerala? Look at our Travel guide to know more about Kulamav Dam.

Located in Idukki district, Kulamav Dam is another beautiful tourist destinations in Kerala region. This is one of the major power projects operated on the River Periyar. The place is surrounded by enchanting surroundings and wonderful landscapes. This power project is funded by the government of Canada and supported by the waters of Idukki dam and Cheruthoni. The powerhouse of a plant has the capacity to generate around 780 MW per day, comprising six units of 130 MW each. The height on which the project operates is around 2500 feet above sea level.

Travel Tips

Apart from the major power project, this place is also well – known for its spectacular location and breathtaking views. Due to the power project, this place grabs the attention of a countless number of tourists every year. Kulamav Dam is surrounded by plenty of other tourist destinations such as Kulamav hill station, Nandukani, Hill View Park, Painavu, Idukki arch dam, Thumpachi Calveri Samuchayam and a lot more.

How to Reach

The nearest railway station is Kottayam junction which is 78.3 km away from this place via Thodupuzha – Puliyanmala road. Cochin international airport is the nearest and situated at the minimum distance of 88 km away from Kulamav Dam via the main road.


Here, one can explore the major power project and see its working closely. Also, the tourists can enjoy serenity of environment and explore the nearby destinations such as Idukki dam, Kulamav hill station, Nandukani etc.

Timings & Season

There is no particular season to visit this place. Hence, the visitors can plan the trip to Kulamav Dam at any time or in any season as per their desire.