Baneshwar Shiva Temple: A pleasant surprise for tourists and pilgrims

Baneshwar is an ancient Shiva Temple in Nasarapur village which is 36 km southwest of Pune. It is built amidst of a spectacular forest which has a waterfall flowing beside it. Baneshwar was an unknown place and was discovered just a few years ago and since then it has been attracting good amount of visitors because of its awesome terrain, greenery inviting a good number of bird species around its corner.

We came to know about Baneshwar from my friend's mom who is an old resident of Pune. We had a very cheerful drive to the place and the road was winding around the small range of hills which had its own charm and beauty. Throughout the journey, the colorful flowers would keep greeting you and after a smooth journey of about 45 minutes to an hour depending upon your driving speed and snack breaks, you reach this awesome place that has a lot to surprise you with.

The Shiva temple is an ancient one, in which you can see an old framed water body with many small ancient sculptures. The main temple takes you into its cave and there you get to see an ancient Shivling been decorated with expensive old metallic Puja accessories.

From there we went near the waterfall falling from a height of about 1 km above the temple, and the surrounding is a lush green forest which is also known as a bird sanctuary because of its good collection of regularly visiting birds.

Travel Tips

Baneshwar gets deeply muddy and slippery in Rainy season, so do get yourself prepared to get dirty, so don't wear expensive clothes but surely carry with you an extra pair of footwear to be on the safe side.

How to Reach

Going to Baneshwar is only a one-day journey from Pune, which can even be cut short in a few couple of hours. The place is well connected with buses available from Swargate bus stand , Pune. Otherwise Six seaters and jeeps are available too from this point. For just a ride of 35 kms from Pune, one can also take their own bikes or cars.


Baneshwar is a place full of activities and relaxation combined together. There is a lush green forest to explore, a spectacular waterfall to play with, but surely not advisable during rainy season. A peaceful ambiance would invite you to take good rest and enjoy its scenic beauty. The trees invite various bird species to watch and listen to their chirps.

There is also a humble watch tower from where you can watch the entire panorama and take good snaps of the sunset.