Valara Waterfalls Kerala | Valara Waterfalls Idukki

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Valara Waterfalls is one of the most attractive tourist destinations of this region and located between Neriamangalam and Adimali. Being specific, the waterfall is situated about 42 km from Munnar region. Valara has a chain of waterfalls which is surrounded by thick green forests that are home to small animals and birds. Its impeccable looks, splendid views, and splashing waterfall make this place worth visiting. Here, the waterfall cascades from a height of 1000 m, which itself are a treat to your eyes. The upcoming project by Kerala state electricity board i.e. Thottiyar hydroelectric project is very close to these waterfalls.

Travel Tips

Valara Waterfalls are the foremost destination for tourists, especially for the nature lovers, ardent photographers, and romantic persons. This place attracts not only locals but also the tourists from different parts of the country. Several species of birds and animals can be spotted in this area. This place is so serene and beautiful that the visitors will find it hard to move away and return to the destination.

How to Reach

Valara Waterfalls can be easily reached either via rail and air. Aluva junction is the nearest railway station which is located almost 108 KM away from this place. Also, Cochin international airport is the nearest airport which is located almost 149 km away from these waterfalls. From the railway station and airport you can hire private vehicles such as cab, taxi, jeep etc.


Here, the visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of the place, see the cascading waterfall, take a short walk in the lush green area, and capture some of the memorable moments.
Apart from this, the tourists can explore the nearby destinations as well.

Timings & Season

The visitors can plan their trip to Valara Waterfalls at any time or in any season of the year as per their convenience.