Kerala Sahitya Academy Kerala | Kerala Sahitya Academy Thrissur

Are you planning to make a Trip to Kerala Sahitya Academy? Look at our Travel guide to know more about Kerala Sahitya Academy.

Kerala Sahitya Academy is an autonomous institution which is located in the heart of Thrissur city. This institution is established for the promotion and the development of Malayalam language and literature. This academy was constructed in the year 1956. It is well – known for its heart throbbing beauty and serene location. It is an approved doctoral research center for the universities of Kerala. This academy attracts a countless number of tourists from all over the state. It was inaugurated by Chithira Balarama Varma, the former king of Travancore. This academy encourages translations of literary works from Malayalam to other languages and vice versa.

Travel Tips

Kerala Sahitya Academy is an ideal tourist destination and is equally enjoyable with friends and family. This academy has one of the best libraries in Kerala with the vast collection of books. It also holds the periodic book festivals so as to encourage the reading among the masses. Thousands of tourists visit this Sahitya academy every year so as to witness the growth and development of the Malayalam language.

How to Reach

As this place is located in Thrissur city, therefore, it can be easily accessed by the visitors. Thrissur railway station is the nearest one and is located around 3 KM from this academy. Cochin international airport is the closest one and is situated about 52 KM away from this place.


The visitors can know about the history and origin of Malayalam language and literature, visit the library and read some of the best Malayalam books, attend literacy conference, study classes, camps, exhibitions, and seminars.

Timings & Season

There is no particular season to visit this place. Therefore, the tourists can plan their trip to Kerala Sahitya Academy all round the year as per their convenience.