Malayattoor Kurisumudy Pilgrim Centre

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Malayattoor is a popular Christian pilgrim centre in South India. Located in Ernakulam district in Kerala, this small village attracts thousands of pilgrims every year. During the lent season, thousands of pilgrims visit Malayattoor church and climb the holy hill called "Kurisimudi".

Travel Tips

The most crowded days at Malayattoor are Good Friday, Easter and Puthunjayar festival days (the week after Easter). On Good Friday, the roads may become stand still for hours due to the heavy traffic. If you don't like getting stuck on the crowd, you may want to skip these days.

How to Reach

By train: The nearest railway station is Angamaly, which is 18km away from Malayattor. Some trains do not stop at Angamaly; in that case, you may get down at Aluva railway station.


Many pilgrims to Malayattoor begin their pilgrimage by visiting and praying at Malayattoor church. There is a new church as well as an old church, both located in the same area.

Many people take a bath in the Periyar river, adjacent to the famous Malayattoor church, located at Malayattoor. During festival season, there will be "temporary hair shaving" stalls setup along the river side. Many pilgrims shave their head as part of their offering to the church.

There is ample parking space behind the church. During non-busy days, you may park in front of the church itself.

After praying in Malayattoor church, you can go to "Adivaram", which is the base of the Kurisumudi (mountain of holy cross). Park your vehicle at Adivaram and start climbing the hill. There is a statue of St. Thomas erupted on top of a huge rock at Adivaram, which is were most people begin the climbing of the hill.

Many people climb the hill by singing the "way of the cross". A healthy person can reach the top of the mountain without about 30 minutes. Climbing down usually takes a little longer since you will be tired by that time and also it may be a bit risky to go to fast while stepping down through the rocks.

Timings & Season

The busy season at Malayattoor is the lent season (March - April). Good Friday, Easter and Puthunjayar festival (the week end after Easter) are the busiest days. If you are travelling with old people or kids, it is better to avoid these days. During all days of lent season, there will be plenty of people climbing the hill and you will find a lot of stalls/restaurants on the way and on top of the hill. During other season, there won't be any stalls after you leave "Adivaram".

During summer, you may want to climb the hill in early morning, late evening or night due to the heat.


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