Dharmadam Island- Thalassery

Dharmadam Island located near Thalaseery is a one among the major Tourist attractions of Kannur. Dharmadam Island is located around 100 meters from Dharmadam beach and it is covered with coconut palm which makes it an ideal tourist destination.

Located in Thalassery, Dharmadam Island is one of the beautiful islands and a well – known tourist destination of the Kannur district. It lies 100 m away from the mainland of Dharmadam. This island is covered with coconut palms and green bushes extending to 5 acres. In 1998, the Kerala government took over this island for the development of tourism. Different varieties of trees such as Thani, Cheru tree, Nanj etc can be seen here which adds grace to the beauty of this island.

Travel Tips

If you love to explore the Islands that are rich in coastal wealth of exotic flora and fauna, then Dharmadam Island is just the right choice. During the low tide, one can enjoy long walk to the island from the beach. The only well in the island contains water and is surprisingly not salty at all. It is advised not to visit this place without the proper guidance as the water rises very fast at the time of high – tide which can pose some problems for the tourists.

How to Reach

One can easily reach this place from Thalassery railway station which is almost 5 KM away from this place via Edapally – Panvel highway. Also, if the tourist prefers airways the Calicut international airport is the nearest one and located at the distance of 101 KM away from this fascinating place.


Here, the visitors can enjoy the serene beach, relax in the tranquil environment of the beach, spend some quality time with your loved ones, capture some breathtaking moments, take a short walk to the island from the beach, and explore the complete island. The whole place seems to be a setting of some adventurous story.

Timings & Season

The season and time are not any big issues, therefore, the visitors can plan their trip to Dharmadam Island as per their convenience. However, the high tide and low tide can be a point of concern.