Kodanad Elephant Training Centre

Kodanad Elephant Kraal, permanently closed now, was a popular tourist destination where wild elephants caught from the forests of Kerala were trained for domestic use. Learn more about Kodanad elephant training centre and its current status

NOTE: Kodanad Elephant Training Centre is permanently closed for visitors as of January 15, 2016

Kodanad has been a popular tourist destination since last few decades. The primary attraction at Kodanad was the elephant kraal (elephant training centre) where wild elephants caught from various forests in Kerala were kept and trained.

A few years ago, government banned catching wild elephants. Since then, Kodanad elephant training centre started losing its glory as a tourist destination.

Elephant safari was another attraction which was also closed due to legal issues in using animals for such use.

Other attractions remaining there was a mini zoo and a park adjacent to the river Periyar. The mini zoo was closed in 2010 due to protests from animal welfare activists for keeping a large number of animals in small area. Some of the animals from Kodanad were moved to a nearby place called "Abhayaranyam", which is spread across several acres of forest land and animals are kept in large fenced areas for free roaming.

Currently, there are few domesticated elephants in this place which are available for visitors to watch. The park has been renovated and is pretty well maintained. Many local visitors still visit Kodanad for week-end picnics and family gathering.

Travel Tips

Kodanad is no longer a major tourist destination. People from the nearby area can visit this place to spend some time in the evening or the week ends. Access to the Periyar river from the park is another attraction for visitors. If you are lucky, you can see they bathing the elephants in the river.

If you are on the way to other attractions like Abhayaranyam or Paniyeli Poru, you may stop by and spend sometime here.

How to Reach

From Kochi Airport: Kodanad is about 16km from Kochi Airport. There are no direct buses. Unless you are willing to take a combination of auto rickshaw and buses, you might have to hire a taxi from the Airport. In the taxi, from airport, go towards Kalady and then to Malayattoor. Cross the new bridge connecting Malayattoor and Kodanad. After crossing the bridge, the elephant training centre is about 2 km.

By bus: From Perumbavoor side, there are plenty of buses to Kodanad. You can get down at Kodanad elephant training centre. There is a 0.7km walk from the bus stop. If you are coming from Kalady or Angamaly, take a bus to Malayattoor. From Malayattoor, the elephant kraal is about 2 km walk or you can hire an auto rickshaw.

By train: The nearest railway station is Angamaly. From the railway station, you can hire a taxi or board a bus to Malayattoor.


You can spend sometime with the nature. They have a small botanical garden and a pretty good park with lot of play structures. Kids will enjoy the park. You can access Periyar river and swim or bath during summer season.

The famous pilgrim centre Malayattoor church is about 2 km from Kodanad. Also, other tourist attractions like Abhayaranyam (2km) and Paniyeli Poru (12 km) are not very far.

Timings & Season

Any time of the year is fine to visit this place. Summer would be ideal if you are planning to get into the river. December to May would have low water level in the river.

Admission timings: Open Tuesday to Sunday. Monday is a holiday. Park is open from 8am to 4pm.

Photos of Kodanad

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