Karlad Lake, Wayanad: Don't Miss Out

Karlad Lake is a place that has yet to catch up its popularity. It is still a place that many of the tourists are most likely to miss out. As it was a chance meet for us, so it is for many. But once people reach there, the lake grabs our mind with its natural calm and quiet serenity. But today the situation is, despite its vastness, beauty, serenity and natural surrounding, the spot is not that well maintained and well nurtured by the Tourism Department. It feels that the lake is neglected of its honor that it deserves. A regular care of the lake can add a feather to the Wayanad Tourism and make a strong statement in the minds of the tourists.

The lake is spread over more than 7 acres of area, in a place named Tariod, which is 16 km from Kalpetta. It is a place which is ideal for peace lovers, and especially for those who wanted to take a breath of relief from the din and bustle of the city or even from a busy tourist spot. This is said to be the second largest freshwater lake in Kerala and also a well-known picnic spot with boating facility. Surrounded by a thick stretch of bamboo groves, it makes a perfect route for trekkers. There is also a walking trail that reaches the nearest Pallikkunnu Church. The famous Banasura Sagar Dam is just a 3 km away from this Karlad Lake. The Karlad Tourism Centre is equipped with a facilitation centre, a couple of dormitories, maintaining a heritage village and also a humble restaurant.

Travel Tips

It is better to take provisions for the day, say food, water, mosquito repellent, something to spread and sit, some old newspapers and toys for children, if you are planning to spend the daytime there.
Be cautious about the water body, keep an eye on the children so that they don't slip down in the water.
An extra set of clothes for all is always advisable, whenever you are near any water body.

How to Reach

Reaching Karlad after you are already there in Wayanad is only a matter of say half an hour. For us it was our own vehicle that took us there. For those who are using the local or public transport, it will be on the safer side to hire a vehicle as you won't get any direct bus service near up to the lake. The other way is to take a Kalpetta Padinjarethara bus which would drop you at Kavummandam stop and from there you can take an auto rickshaw to the lake.


With the Bandipur and Mudamalai wildlife sanctuary around, that covers an area of 345 sq km, Wayanad is rich with the flora and fauna that makes it a hot tourist spot. You can also touch the Lakkidi, which is the gateway to Wayanad, and is situated 700 m above the sea level, near the Thamarasseri Ghat pass. So, those who are planning to make a visit to the Karlad Lake have along list of places to touch and enjoy a variety of activities.