Kawal Tiger Reserve in Adilabad

Kawal Tiger Reserve in Adilabad district of Telengana is a great potential for increasing the population of tigers. Read more about this nature reserve which is emerging as a popular tourist destination in Telengana state.

Kawal Tiger Reserve is situated at Jannaram mandal which is the major city of Adilabad district in Telangana. Though currently it has survived a massive tree felling and human infringement, the Telengana Government has taken up some positive endeavors to restore its resources. Right now it is a good place for a small visit through the jungle. There are deers, sambars, wild buffaloes and good number of langoors which can be at sight if you are lucky. The Govt of India has declared Kawal wildlife sanctuary as a Tiger Reserve in 2012.
The sanctuary is rich with Teak plantation stretched over an area of Area : 892.23 square kilometers with a dense and pristine range of forest area. The River Kadam flows nearby which too is a very nice tourist attraction. The Dry Deciduous Teak Forests is accompanied with beautiful vegetation like Bamboo, Anogeisus, Terminalia, Pterocarpus, and Cassias.

If you are at the right time while entering the jungle, you get to see a number of Mammal species like tiger, leopard, cheetal, sambar, gaur, nilgai, barking deer, chowsingha, and the rare sloth bear. It is home for several species of birds among which the most common is the parakeet and the Great Indian Bharadwaj. You see several species of reptiles like Iguana, Monitor lizard and the most poisonous Rattle snake.

Wildlife lovers who are in search of a small jungle trip in Telengana can enjoy a nice short day out in this sphere of jungle.

There are two rivers enriching the place with their beautiful ambience, Godavari and Kadam. The Kadam river is now controlled by a dam, and the Telengana Govt. has also made a tourist lodge to stay there.

Travel Tips

The place is hot in summer, so better to wear something cool and less colorful. You should not carry any eatables except water bottles and please don't throw and litter in the jungle area. Don't forget to take some mosquito repellent and apply it before you enter the forest. Keep silence if you are keen to get glimpses of the wildlife species.

How to Reach

The Kawal Tiger Reserve is 60 km from Mancherial and 280 km from Hyderabad if you go by road. The nearest Airport is Rajiv Gandhi Airport, Hyderabad.


Jungle trip by the Forest Department's vehicle. Visit the following places:

Kuntala Waterfalls
Pochera waterfalls
Kadem Reservoir

Though all of them are very alluring water bodies, visitors are not allowed to take bath or go near the water because of crocodiles.

Timings & Season

As it is quite a hot place, the best time to visit is between November to June.


It is known to be the oldest Wildlife sanctuary in the North Telengana. The forest was a free green habitat, and was recently declared by the Government as a Tiger Reserve in the year 2012.