Tourist Destinations in Andhra Pradesh

Looking for holidays in South India? Andhra Pradesh can be on the top of your list. Its hill stations, beaches and wildlife sanctuaries can make your holidays a memorable one.

The Tourism Department of Andhra Pradesh has been famous for its natural beauty that includes awesome Hill Stations, Valleys, magnificent Temples and Rivers. The state is rich in its cultural heritage, with magnificent ancient architecture and holds a lot of historical importance. Andhra Pradesh is rich with Natural resources that includes hilly ranges like Horseley and Papi Hills, valleys like Aruku, ancient caves like Borra, rivers like Krishna and Godavari, Wild life sanctuaries like Nallamalla Forest and exotic beaches of Vishakhapatnam and others. There are world famous water reservoirs like Nagarjuna Sagar, Nizamabad and islands like Nagarjunakonda and many unnamed ones. The famous Tirupati temple calls devotees as well as visitors throughout the year. Along with its local cuisine, Andhra Pradesh invites travelers from all corners of the world as the fourth largest state of India in Tourism.


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