Shamirpet Lake: A Weekend Spot near Hyderabad

If you are looking for a small visit at the end of a hectic week, here's a place which can re-energize your spirit and detoxify your health with its virgin greenery and a serene water body. Visit Shamirpet Lake which is only at a distance of 27kms from Hyderabad. A place with plenty of enchanting resorts and deer parks.

Shamirpet lake is located just around 27 kms from Hyderabad. Once you reach the Outer Ring Road, the travel becomes a pleasure and after reaching the bank of Shamirpet lake, which will be visible from the highway bridge, you would be totally disconnected from the din and bustle of the city.

The terrain is beautiful, the area is peaceful. The resorts offer a good scope for various entertainment and good food which is ideal for a brief outing with family and friends.
The lake is a home for various kinds of fishes and that makes the hunting birds throng there.
The sunset in Shamirpet will remain vibrant in your memory and the tiny islands make the landscape complete.
But grievances start with the uncontrollable growth of real estate and vehicles which are curbing down the beauty of that place day by day. But to sum up, a small weekend can be nicely spent, near Shamirpet without making a hole in your pocket. We had a nice memory till now associated with that place.

Travel Tips

The lake is in a desolate place, though the surrounding areas have a lot of eateries and resorts. So carry your own food, drinking water near the bank. Carry a pair of sunglasses and hats to protect yourself from the direct sunlight which is abundant on the rocky stretch of land.

How to Reach

By Road
If you want to go by road, one can reach Shamirpet Lake by taking a bus from the Jubilee Bus Station located at Secunderabad or Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Bus Station at Gowliguda. You can also board a bus of ‘ASRTC' which are available from the bus stands within the city. Taxis and auto-rickshaws are also available from the city to reach Shamirpet Lake.

By Rail
There is this the ‘MMTS' or ‘Multi-Modal Transport System' trains available from the city which can be boarded from the Secunderabad Railway Station.


The Shamirpet lake itself is a place to just sit and enjoy, the river bank is full of beautiful rocks and the expanse is appreciable. Kids can explore the place, run about and play. There are plenty of resorts around the lake which provide a lot of scope for different kinds of activities.
There are three deer parks located in that area, Mrugvani, Vanasthalipuram and Jawahar Deer Park, where you can watch the deers and a good number of birds between the greenery of the place.

Timings & Season

Round the year, but preferably in rainy seasons, as the lake remains full at that time.


Shamirpet lake is situated in 24 kms north from Secunderabad, the twin city of Hyderabad. It was built at the time of Nizam Kings rule during the late 19th century. It is an artificial lake that was dug by a Jagirdar of the village almost 50 years ago. It is also named as Jawahar lake. The lake is solely rain-fed and has got a small dam with a few flood gates at its end. There is a small temple of the local deity Katta Maisamma at the entrance of the dam which is also quite old.