Kuruva Island (Kuruvadweep) in Wayanad

Looking for information on Kuruva island in Wayanad? Check out our Kuruva islands visitor guide to learn more about this delta formed in Kabini river in Wayanad.

Kuruva islands (Kuruvadweep, in local language) is one of the major tourist attractions in Wayanad. As the name indicates, it is a cluster of small islands formed by the delta in the river Kabini and is spread across about 950 acres of uninhabited area. These are true natural islands with no other activities other than enjoying the nature to its best.

Visitors carried to Kuruva Island in bamboo raft

Kuruva islands are formed by the delta on the confluence of the Mananthavady river and Panamaram river, which are merged into the Kabini river. There are several small branches of these rivers inside the islands. From there, the river reaches Beechanahally dam along the Karnataka border, which is about 10 km from Kuruva.

The best part of the visit to Kuruva islands is the ride in the bamboo raft to cross the Kabini river to reach the islands. There are other places where you can do bamboo rafting but at a cost of Rs 1,500 or more. Just by paying the ticket price to access the islands, you can enjoy a free ride in the bamboo raft. Bamboo rafts are the only way to reach the islands since they are islands and are not connected by road.

Due to the presence of the river, the thick forests in the islands are always green and is home for a variety of rare species of birds, animals and flora.

Travel Tips

There are no shops in the islands. If you have kids with you, carry some snacks and water with you. Avoid throwing trash and plastic anywhere in the river and islands. Carry your camera since this place is so beautiful and is a paradise for the photographers.

A beauty of Kuruvadweep

During rainy days, the walking trails can get really muddy. Remember to carry an umbrella since there are limited number of shelters once you enter the island. Other than the small open huts and benches along the walking trails, there are limited amenities in the islands.

Kuruva island is home for several wild animals including elephants. They usually don't come to the tourist zones. You are advised to stay within the tourist zone and avoid entering the forest area where wild animals may be found.

The river surrounding the islands have strong currents and whirlpools in certain areas. A lot of accidents have happened in the past. The forest department has installed warning signs and fences to avoid accidents. Follow the instructions by the staff and stay within the safe zones.

Swimming is allowed in the tourist zone. Remember to carry your bath towels or swimwear.

Visitors spending time in Kabini river, Kuruva Islands

How to Reach

Access to Kuruva islands is restricted by tickets issued by the forest departments which manages the tourist area of the islands.

Distance to Kuruva islands:

Mananthavady: 15 kms
SulthanBathery: 58kms
Kalpetta: 40kms

There are frequent buses from Manathavady to Kuruva Islands. The route from Mananthavdy to Kuruvadweep covers Kattikulam, Kurukkan Moola, and Palvelicham.

There is a DTPC ticket counter in this here. After buying the tickets, the tourists can go to the islands in a fiber boat from here.

If you are coming via Sulthan Bathery, then you can reach Kuruva through Kenichira, Nadavayal, Punchavayal, Pakkam route. At Pakkam, you have to deviate from the highway and drive about 4km to reach the visitors area. A ticket counter is located here, which is operated by the forest department of Kerala. In this place, you will be taken to the islands in a bamboo boat, which is an experience by itself.


Fortunately, this place is not commercialized yet and there are no activities other than enjoying the nature. Just sit on the rocks beside the river and relax with nature. Watch the birds flying around you. If you want to meditate for some time, there are plenty of secluded places where you can be with nature with no one else around you. The best activity you can do here is, just lay by the river or take a lazy walk through the shoreline of the river.

Timings & Season

The island is closed for tourists during monsoon season (from June to November). Exact dates of closure are usually announced according to the water level in the river. During monsoon, the water level in the river will raise very high and most part of the Kuruva island will go under water.

During December to May, the ticket counters are open from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. Even after closing the ticket counters, visitors can stay in the island till sunset.

Ticket rates:

Entrance fee for Indian citizens: Rs 80
Foreign visitors: Rs 150
Still camera fee: Rs 50
(Video camera not allowed)
Parking fee:
Two wheelers: Rs 10
Auto: Rs 30
Car/jeep: Rs 50
Bus/mini bus: Rs 80

Ticket information board for visitors at Kuruva Island

Special concession for students are available if they possess an authorization letter from their institute in official letterhead with office seal.