Best Tourist Destinations in India

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Popular Tourist Destinations in India

Gobindgarh Fort

Are you looking for more Information about Gobindgarh Fort Punjab? This Guide will provide you the details about Gobindgarh Fort, Gobindgarh Fort Photos, Visiting Time, etc


Munnar is one of the most visited tourist destinations and romantic honeymoon destinations in Kerala. Read more about the most important tourist attractions in and around Munnar.


Looking for more information about Marayoor ? Here is your guide on Marayoor to more.

Periyar Tiger Reserve

Looking for more information about Periyar Tiger Reserve Kerala ? Here is your guide on Periyar Tiger Reserve Kerala to more.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Looking for information on Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary Kerala ? Check out our visitors guide to learn more about in Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary Idukki, Kerala .

Jama Masjid

The Masjid-i Jahan-Numa or Jama Masjid is a Tourist Hot Spot in New Delhi, India. Built of red sandstone and white marble this 17th-century mosque is a brilliant example of Islamic faith, art, architecture and the Mughal’s Legacy.

Kerala Sahitya Academy

Are you planning to make a Trip to Kerala Sahitya Academy? Look at our Travel guide to know more about Kerala Sahitya Academy.

Red Fort

The Red Fort declared UNESCO’s World Heritage Site is a must visit place in Delhi, India. The Indian Prime Minister hoists here the national flag “Tri Color” every year on Independence Day.

Gandhi Smriti

The Mahatma Gandhi has spent last 144 days of his life here. Originally called Birla House or Birla Bhavan now this historic place is a Museum dedicated to the Father of the Nation “MK Gandhi”. Respect!

Jewish Synagogue

Looking for more details about Jewish Synagogue? This article gives you complete information about details of Jewish Synagogue, Locations, Photos and Timings.

Best Tourist Destinations in India - An Overview

India – or better known as the Incredible India in the world of tours and travels is a land full of magical places, brilliant colors, fascinating eye-sights, splendid history, a rich and marvelous legacy of various remnants of its pompous past and a niche to exotic and mighty creatures. The geographical location of the country makes it all the more exciting and yes, Incredible. There are deserts to roam in on mighty camels and jeeps; there are snow clad Himalayas to climb with a crew and yell your name from the hill tops; there are dense forests with a permanent darkness lingering on; there are small mangroves to explore on your foot and know about the tribal culture; there are lovely seas dotted with palms and there is regular mainland dotted with palaces, forts, memorials, gardens, water projects, flora and fauna preservation centres and a lot more. The tourists can spend a night or two in KAZA the coldest desert or enjoy a gala time at the Rann of Kutch Festival in the Great Kutch with the white sands.

One can write pages and volumes about the nation and the colourful tourism options it offers. India has almost every kind of landform, hundreds of regional languages, more than 18 languages of official work, almost every kind of soil, more than 15000 species of Angiosperms (flora), exotic and rare fauna, rich culture, lovely views, lip-smacking food, and millions of tourist places with their own elements and stories to take the visitors by storm.

Once you set your foot on the Indian soil, you will realize that there is so much to explore and travel and experience that you just can't leave one region to explore the other.

There are colonial remnants in Kochi, Pondicherry, Goa and other such places which will amaze all the tourists in terms of diversity this nation has to offer. There are lovely mosques that even Hindus visit; exquisite temples which are frequented by the Muslims, Christmas is celebrated with fun and vigour all across the nation, Diwali and Holi is celebrated by the people of all religions with full fervour. India is a place that welcomes every person with arms wide open and no hatred at all.
The travel, stay and food expenses are widely ranged and there are innumerable places that offer free stays and food. Hence, the travel can be afforded by people of all kinds of budget. Though the summer heat can be unrelenting in some places, the cool destinations will always be there to soothe you inside out.
So, set your foot forward and start exploring.

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