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    Is it safe to travel to india in 2017?

    Are you planning to visit India in 2017? Read these safety tips for foreign visitors to India.

    I am planning to visit India in March 2017 with my family. I read in many places and also some government warnings that it is not safe to travel to India this season. What do you all think? I have already made all travel arrangements and I don't feel like cancelling the vacation plans. Kids are excited about visiting India and we have already made our itinerary.

    Please advise if it is safe to travel to India in 2017. Any tips to take care while visiting? Which are the places not safe to visit in India? I am planning to spend a few days in Goa, Kerala and Bangalore. Please suggest if these places are safe.
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    After the demonetization, there were some issues with money transactions, but now the problems with demonetization have calmed down. Goa is perfectly safe for tourists, Goa attracts millions of foreign tourists every year and they are all having a good time in there. Goa is famous for its beaches and parties. You can have a great time in Kerala with its natural beauty. Kerala is also safe for tourists, You can visit Kochi, Alleppey and Munnar. Bangalore is the silicon valley of India, there was a problem in Bangalore where some drunk people molested girls at new year night. But it is still safe for the tourist as long as you take some care for yourself. I suggest you to consider few precautions;

    1. Book a safe hotel room before your arrival.
    2. If you are coming through agencies, make sure that your agency is reliable.
    3. Try to avoid going out at nights.

    These are the precautions you have to take not only this time of the visit but all the time. Welcome to India.

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    My friend, you don't have to worry about safety parameters if you are traveling to India. All you have to do is to remain conscious and aware of your surroundings. just a little bit of responsibility and research before entering to this great nation will do. since, it is a huge nation, full of diversity in culture, opinions and lifestyles, you cannot customize the areas of your choice within safety criteria. Still if you want my opinion, i would suggest you to go to shimla, kullu manali in the north. they are just awesomely beautiful places to vist in summers as they are colder regions of Himachal Pradesh. March is a bit warmer in India, so it is not wise to travel in warmer regions like western and southern India.

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    Of course, it is safe if you are well prepared. Past this summer, I got this incredible opportunity to travel alone. My solo trip took me to the mountains of Kasauli – neither very far from Delhi nor very popular solo tripping choice. But that was just the beginning; I knew I had to start from somewhere to come out from my comfort zone and let my dreams fly.

    I remember how freaked out I was the first time I traveled alone, all by myself. And to be honest, sometimes I still am. It can be scary at times not to have anyone to back you up but dealing with uncertainties brings the best out of you. To become a confident individual, I encourage you to travel solo at least once in your life.

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    India is among the safest countries of world. There is no such issues for tourists here. We Indians firmly believe in an ideology which states "Atithi Devo bhav" means a guest is a form of God.
    So just leave behind the worries & explore our beautiful country.

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    India is one of the safest tourist countries to travel around. And you can really make your journey safe if you try to follow these tips :

    *First make your trip more organized, like book your hotels and transportation before you start the journey, so that you could avoid tensions and make yourselves more comfortable.

    *Make your payments through cards or other digital services, but make sure that you have enough Indian currencies to cope with an emergency situation.

    * Keep emergency numbers like Police & Ambulance in handy.

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    In March 2017 there was many problems regarding to the demonetization. But now, it is totally solved. You can go freely now. Goa is the best place for Indian tour. There are famous beach, cool city, you can do too much enjoy in Goa. Book your package for more safety and best services. You can book your package from picker online business portal. Picker Online is the best local search engine.

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    Hello Sir,
    Thanks for your interest for visiting India. No need to worry about safety. Indian people also respect and help those who are visiting India. This Country is packed with many attractions like beautiful and glorious forts, gorgeous temples , world famous theaters and have lots of ancient history which is very interesting. For safe journey you need to make plan like hotel booking, Transportation and keep your id proof and payment card safely.

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