A trip to Bhuj and Narayan Sarovar Kachchh

Kachchh is one of the best region to visit in Gujarat. Recently we planned to visit Kachchh and the mode of transport to chosen by us was bus only. We started our journey from Rajkot in the morning and reached Bhuj after perhaps 7 hours. We stayed in Bhuj only that day and next day visited "Prag Mahal" and "Aina Mahal". These places are called " Darbar Garh " there. The ancient things used by Kings were the main attraction over there. The shooting of film " Lagaan " was done there in the big hall of Prag Mahal. One has to purchase ticket to visit the Mahals. Aina mahal was very attractive especially. After visiting them we visited "Kachchh Museum" which shows the culture of Kachchh. We then went for Narayan Sarovar situated near Kori Creek. It is known for the sweet water lake named " Narayan Sarovar ". A temple of Lord Shri Krishna named " Trikamvirrayji Haveli " is also a good place to visit. A few km from there a temple of lord Shiva named " Koteshwar Mahadev " is there which is very near to Kori Creek. One can go there by local transportation. It is developed well.