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Let me start with a quick introduction. I am Sarada. I write for Women's Web, one of the leading digital magazines in India.

In case you are not familiar, our magazine is a wonderful platform by and for women, addressing all their key issues. This is a place for all those women who wish to express their ideas fearlessly and believe they have a voice to be heard.

I came across an article on your blog titled : Women only Travel clubs in India written by author Bhavani while reading on the topic travel clubs and found it very relevant:

I loved the content of your post and was wondering if you would like to link back our featured article : 5 Women Only Travel Clubs In India: Go Girl Go!

This article covers very similar high points as yours and I believe it would contribute to the readers sharing same interests.

Below is the link to our article

It would be great if you could incorporate our link on your post.

Thank you