Finding Aggregators for Travel Industry

We are a start-up company and we are approaching multiple aggregators for above verticals. Currently we are exploring the opportunities in these industries, and we are contacting aggregators to get started.
Here, I would like to know following:
1) For how many countries you offer FLIGHT / TOUR / TRAVEL / HOLIDAY Packages.
2) We are looking for Flight / Tour / Sightseeing / Holiday packages worldwide.
3) How many FLIGHTs/ TOUR / TRAVEL / HOLIDAY deals you have as of now?
4) What are the subscription charges? And what are the onetime charges as well as recurring charges.
5) Is there any other cost involve apart from Subscription OR Commission?
6) What are your technical requirements to aggregate your feed into our BOOKING ENGINE?
7) Is there any pre-requisite kind of things before we start working?

Please feel free to get back to me if you have any doubts or questions.
Looking forward to work with you soon.
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