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    Five amazing cities to explore if you are in Rajasthan

    Our country has a glorious past and cultural diversity; this potent blend creates many heritage sites. These heritage tourist sites are a major attraction for the tourists all over the world. Rajasthan is home to many such cultural sites. Here are three such examples:


    Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan and is known as the Pink City of India. Jaipur has got this name (Pink City) and the old part of Jaipur is colored with Pink. Most travellers visit Jaipur as it is one of the best shopping cities in India and along with this; Jaipur has some amazing monuments to see. You can hire a tour guide in Jaipur, check this page for more details, and visit Amber Fort, Jalmahal, City Palace and other destinations in a day.


    Though Agra isn't in Rajasthan but it is very close from Rajasthan border, just 250 km from Jaipur and is the number one tourist city in India, because of Taj Mahal. Apart from Taj Mahal, you can visit more sites like Agra Fort, Akbar Tomb and the beautiful well planned city of Fatehpur Sikri, which is the capital of Mughal India for some time. Check out this Agra tour package itinerary for more details of fare..


    Bundi is known for its intricate paintings and murals; the town nestles between two broad valleys. The city of Bundi is embraced by hills and is enclosed by four massive walls. The massive Taragarh Fort which is an excellent example of Rajput architecture has preserved the town's Rajput legacy. Bundi is also referred as the City of Baoris. It has more than 50 water tanks or step-wells which are unique in their architecture. Rani Ji ki Baori, 84 pillar ki Chhatri, Sukh Mahal, Chaurasi Khambon ki Chatri and Jait Sagar Lake are must visit places of the city.


    Udaipur, which is also described as the Lake city of India as the whole tour is surrounded with two lakes and have a palace, Lake Palace, which is in the middle of a lake. Udaipur is also the number one romantic city in India because of good tropical weather, stunning tourist sites like City Palace of Udaipur, Jagdish Temple which is also in the middle of a lake and amazing luxury hotels and resorts, like the Taj Lake Palace. For more inform on taxi service in Udaipur, have a look at


    Located in the emptiness of the desert, Jodhpur echoes with the tales of antiquity. This Marwar state was founded by the Rao Jodha in 1459 AD. The people of Jodhpur are always dressed in colorful attires and women wear colorful skirts and hip-length jackets with authentic silver jewelry on their feet, forehead, neck, arms, waist, fingers, etc. The elegant palaces, houses, and temples of Jodhpur tell the tales of glorious past. Mehrangarh Fort, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jaswant Thada, balsamand Lake, Kalyan Lake and Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park are the must visit places of Jodhpur.

    Ramgarh Shekhawati:

    Ramgarh is a town of sand dunes was one of the richest cities in India and was run on fascinating rules. Poddars and Ruias of the city did generous things for the Ramgarh Shekhawati. It is the best place to buy antiques and wood replicas. Laxmangarh Fort and Ratangarh Fort are two famous Forts of Ramgarh. The city is known for its grand Havelis: Ruis'a Haveli, Poodar's Haveli, Khemka's Haveli, Sanwalka's Haveli and Khetan's Haveli. Khemka's Haveli is a renowned Hotel now.

    For more details of Rajasthan tourism, have a look at
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    Rajasthan is considered to be one of the most cultured state of India. It's rich heritage, monuments, forts and palaces symbolizes the true Indian culture. There are a lot many cities in it to talk about but I chose few of them which tourists like the most. These cities not only just beautify their landscapes but also help to generate a lot of income.
    Here are the 3 cities that I am talking about -
    Pushkar - The reason why Pushkar is on the list is because it is considered to be one of the oldest cities in India. It is located to the northwest of Ajmer, situated at a height of 510 meters. Pushkar is also known as 'the rose garden of Rajasthan' because the essence of the Pushkar rose is exported all over the world. Pushkar is again well-known for its fair called 'Pushkar Camel Fair' or 'Pushkar Mela'. Because of the fascinating things that happen over here, it automatically pulls tourists to visit this place for once. This fair also conducts a lot of activities that foreigners can join in.

    Udaipur - Udaipur is a well-known and common place for everyone. It's on everyone's bucket list for those who are planning to visit Rajasthan. And why not? This place is worth a visit. It has some unique spell and magic that pulls tourists to come. The palaces that are built should be given credit for increasing tourism. The City Palace, Lake Palace, Jag Mandir, Lake Fatehsagar are some of the top-notch places to visit.

    Jodhpur - The city of Jodhpur is just not only fit for architecture and cuisine but for photography. The moment we enter Jodhpur is like entering a blue paradise city. The buildings, huts and even local shops covered by blue looks so beautiful that words fall short for it. It is also home to famed forts, palaces, lakes and towers. One can fall in love with Jodhpur during its first visit.

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    Rajashan; land of brave people worshipping their motherland with swords

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    Rajasthan has artistic and cultural traditions which reflect the ancient Indian way of life.

    Rajasthan had a history. It was also called Rajputana (the country of the Rajputs)

    2 of its most beautiful cities are Jodhpur and Jaisalmer.

    Jodhpur: : check this video out

    Places covered in Video
    Umaid Bhawan Palace
    Jaswant thada
    Mehrangarh Fort
    Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park
    Clock Tower
    Bishnoi Village

    Jaisalmer: :check this video out

    places covered in Video
    Sam Sand Dunes
    Patwa ki Haveli
    Jaisalmer War Museum
    Gadisar Lake
    Jaisalmer Fort
    Mandir Palace

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    I think, These all are best cities to visit in rajasthan.

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    Incredible writeup on Rajasthan's tourist spots, as well as beautiful and colourful cities. It can be told without a doubt that an India-travel would be incomplete without visiting Rajasthan.

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