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    The sand dunes of Sam near Jaisalmer

    Many travelers love to visit Jaisalmer from October to March. as in these months, the weather is quite cool & calm. Then after reaching the Golden City (Jaisalmer), they visit tourist sites like Golden Fort. Gadisar Lake, some heritage mansions like Patwon and Salim Singh, Vyaas Chatri and finally all of them travel for Sam sand dunes.

    Sam sand dune is a true desert area near Jaisalmer (45 km west) which is rated as an authentic desert dune site in India. One can find dunes in Barmer or Jodhpur, but those dunes are not as majestic as the ones at Sam.

    At Sam, you will find more than 3 dozens of desert camps who offer night stay in their Swiss tents, musical dance program all around the year and local cuisine. You can also check this list on Jaisalmer desert camps, to know which camps you should choose if you are planning to stay in one. Along with camps, you can plan a desert safari tour of Sam on camel or jeep. The cost of this tour starts from Rs 500 per person, and you can ask the camp team to arrange one for you. The best to plan a desert safari tour is from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM and also the same AM timing.

    And finally, you can also check this Jaisalmer tour package for you, which starts from Rs 10,000 per person. Three days in Jaisalmer is enough to plan a sightseeing tour of Jaisalmer city and the desert dune area. You need to hire a cab in Jaisalmer as bus transportation is available in Jaisalmer.
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    Jaisalmer : a city famous for its deserts though has many surprises for its tourists

    places covered in Video
    Sam Sand Dunes
    Patwa ki Haveli
    Jaisalmer War Museum
    Gadisar Lake
    Jaisalmer Fort
    Mandir Palace

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