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    What is best time to visit Kerala?

    I am planning to visit Kerala.
    So please suggest me what is the best time to explore Kerala.
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    Anytime is the best time to travel to Kerala as it has the perfect climatic conditions throughout the year. Moreover, Kerala is such a land of splendidness and greenery. You have a galore of places which you can visit right from the north to the south of Kerala with variations in way of living & food preferences. Yet the beauty of Kerala is that it is lush green all throughout the year. I have a tour agency called Satwik Destinations and we provide the best-customized destinations tours people who are not just interested in visiting and seeing the known places but to discover the newer ones.

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    Winter is the best time to visit Kerala as the weather then in Kerala is really very pleasant and apt. You can enjoy the backwaters, beaches in Kerala especially Kovalam, Bekal, Marari and Varkala and sightseeing around Fort Kochi or even some serene moments in your houseboat. But this part of the year is the peak tourism season in Kerala so prepare accordingly and book your hotel and package in advance.

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    November to February is the peak season in Kerala. After the monsoon, all places will be green and fresh. It may start to get hot in February.

    Welcome to Kerala and enjoy your holidays.

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    I would recommend you to visit Kerala during Onam, the major festival coming between the middle of the months of August and September, the spring season of Kerala. But since it comes just after the heavy monsoons, it's better to make your trip towards the end of August till mid of September. During this time, there will even be government organised celebrations, can enjoy traditional 'Kerala sadya' or 'feast', experience traditional events like 'athachamayam', traditional art forms like Kathakali, etc. There are enough places to stay while your family trip to Kerala. Here's a hotel booking guide for your family trip to Kerala.

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    Yes, every season is good to visit Kerala but November to February is the perfect season in Kerala. So visit in this season and explore the beauty...

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    Hey Traveller,

    The best time to visit Kerela is from September to March because this is the peak time and the weather is best for the tourists arriving in Kerela. The temperature ranges between 18 - 29 degree celsius. One can enjoy pleasant beaches, hill stations to the backwater and more in peak time.

    Some people prefer visiting Kerela in Monsoon season. The Monsoon season in Kerela is also known as The Ayurveda Treatment season. Monsoon starts in the second week of June and lasts until the last week of August. The temperature ranges between 19 to 30 degree celsius. There are some of the most world-famous Ayurveda centers in Kerela that offer therapeutic. So its up to you at what time you would like to travel to Kerela. Remember to take an umbrella with you if you are visitng in Monsoon season because of the high chances of unexpected showers at any time of the day.

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    You can visit Kerala anytime in a year except rainy season. Rainy season is not much preferred. To enjoy natural bueauty visit Kerala after October but before June end.
    To enjoy sports and beach activities, visit Kerala Beaches.

    Visit below link of Holidest Tours for more Kerala and South India sightseeing attraction. Hope this helps.


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    According to mu opinion, best time to visit in Kerala from September to March. The wet and cold climate in monsoon weather is ideal and Best time to Visit Kerala for Ayurveda treatments and rejuvenation programmes. For more details click at

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    According to mu opinion, best time to visit in Kerala from September to March. The wet and cold climate in monsoon weather is ideal and Best time to Visit Kerala for Ayurveda treatments and rejuvenation programmes. For more details, you can also contact with Discovery Holidays todays.

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    According to my experience, the best time to visit Kerala is during the month of September to February. At that period the weather is pleasant and slight downpour will be present which makes the climate cool. It is also the best time for ayurvedic treatments and rejuvenation therapies because dust will not be present in the atmosphere so all the pores of human skin will get open. For more information, you can contact Gogeo Holidays, who provide customized packages.

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    Kerala is about Best Time to Visit Kerala. Kerala has three tourist seasons. Peak Season which ranges from September to March, Off Season in Kerala which is from April to May and Monsoon Season from June to August. Each season in Kerala is unique making it an ideal destination for tourists who are coming for different kinds of travel experiences in each of these seasons.

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    The peak and best time to visit Kerala is from September to March. Off-season to visit Kerala is from April to May and from June to August (Monsoon). Winters are ideal to visit Kerala.

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    Summer Season from March to May, is hot but not humid, as it is near the tropics. Monsoon season between June and August is the best time to visit Kerala for Ayurveda treatments. The wet and cold climate in monsoon weather is ideal and the Best time to Visit Kerala for Ayurveda treatments and rejuvenation programs.

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    The Monsoon Season is the best time to visit Kerela (September to February) because the summers are too hot there.
    It is also preferred to visit Kerela in the Monsoon Season for Ayurveda Treatments :)

  • #3499 Kerala is one of the most beautiful places to visit and it must be visited at least once in your lifetime.beautiful natural attractions in north Kerala, It is 1372 m above sea level It is t Find how to reach Paithalmala Hills, Kannur, Kerala elephants

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    Kerala is a god own country. Any time to visit in Kerala and enjoy the vacations with family and friends. according to weather you can go to Monsoon seasons ( May to November) is the perfect time to visit us.

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    Kerala is a beautiful place to visit and you could visit there every time you want.

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    The peak season of Kerala is from September to March. The weather in Kerala is very pleasant and cold during these seven months. Thekkady, Munnar, Kovalam, Alleppey and Kumarakom can be visited in Kerala during the peak season.
    In monsoon season June to August, this season the number of tourists in Kerala is less. During the monsoon season, the greenery of areas such as Munnar and Thekkadi attracts attention. If you monsoon lover then you can also enjoy your Kerala trip in monsoon season.

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    September to March is the apt season to visit and explore the beauty of kerala

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    Hi Raj, Kerala is a year-round destination, but we can still help you decide the best time to explore the state and the reasons why. When compared the seasons, summer is hot and humid, Monsoon has heavy rainfall and winter is calm and pleasant. Since Kerala is a coastal region located in the South, the winter is not glacial due to its lower altitude and latitude. But nothing can beat the beauty and experience in the state during the monsoon season. And here is a list of reason why you should visit Kerala in Monsoon-
    1. The Onam Festival.
    2. Most suitable Time For Ayurvedic Treatments.
    3. Experience the Beauty Of The Lush Green Hills.
    4. Visit the Reverberating Beaches.
    5. Fewer tourists.
    6. Relax on the Backwaters.
    7. Watch the Spectacular Overflowing Waterfalls.

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    Kerala is filled with the exotic beauty of nature and charm these fascinating destinations entice the travelers and the tourists with its magnificent beauty in greenery and a uniquely blessed climate. Besides the beauty of it, there are many other wonders which are waiting for you. Definitely, Kerala's traditional cuisines are one among them. Backwaters are really a boon to Kerala because it attracts more and more tourists day by day. The best time to visit Kerala in the winter season is October to February. While visiting this time you can feel the beauty of Kerala.

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