Countryside day trips from paris

Paris is known for its world famous Eiffel tower, outstanding museums, enchanting cathedrals, magnificent art and architecture and spectacular buildings. Paris is not just a city buzz but also a countryside peace. This all in one city has all kinds of experiences on offer from lively streets, grand restaurants, historical heritage, stunning architecture to lush green forests, gardens, quaint French villages and Chateaux. Once you have explored everything that city has to offer it's time to drive to peaceful countryside which is hardly one or more hour's drive from city centre. After spending 3 days in visiting and enjoying the city's attractions I decided to have a day trip to French countryside. For this I picked my which I have booked online in advance and drove to pretty French Villages. Having a car rental made my trip more memorable as scenery I enjoyed on the way is beyond explanation.

Starting from VERSAILLES, The Palace of Versailles is a former residence of Kings of France. It is a must visit for seeing how the great kings of France lived their lives here. You can walk through the Hall of Mirrors, chambers and antechambers of King Louis XVI. Further you can also explore Parc de Versailles,Grand Trianon Palace and also the Petite Trianon Palace. The beautiful lakeside village, thatched roof cottages, Farm of Domaine of Marie-Antoinette and Queen's Hamlet are most beautiful and major attractions you can explore here.

This Small royal town is filled with fresh air and has a very relaxed vibe all around. You can stroll around the cobbled streets packed with plenty of designer boutiques, shops selling hand crafts, local fabric, antiques and many restaurants offering traditional cuisine. Many beautiful English-style parks and expansive lawns are found here where you can enjoy a nice cosy afternoon.

A perfect outdoor experience, Fountainebleau forest on the outskirts of well known town is full of adventures and great experiences. The Palace of Fountainebleau dating back to 16th century is an outsanding visit. It is one of the largest French Palaces. It is a primary residence of Napoleon. Further you can visit Vaux le Vicomte, 17th century palace with outstanding art and architecture. Nearby Barbizon village is also a must visit which will make your day trip complete.