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    Pains faced by you while travelling in India?

    Hello Travel Enthusiasts,

    I am Abhiyanshu, a 24-year-old PG Student from one of India's Private University. Three others members of my team and I are working on a Project for which I need your few minutes. It all related to travel and tourism in India and the pains we need to bare or make adjustments while traveling in India.

    So, taking out a little time from your hectic schedule, we would like to know the top 5 pains you bare. No matter you travel alone, or with a group of friends or family, this is for everyone who is a frequent traveler or goes on a vacation once a year.

    You can also personally message me at or revert me right here. We all being a traveler face lots of problems that are hard to overcome and doesn't let us enjoy our trip to the fullest with fear of security and other related concerns we face on the journey.

    So what we want is you to think for a minute and come with the top 5 problems/pains/issues you face while you tour with family, friends or even solo and what you do to overcome them? Also, it would be great if you could tell us what is that one thing you want to see or should be offered in India for Travelers?

    Your little help can take the India tourism to next level and us to achieve high grades. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Travelling cannot only be a passion for one but it is the best source to get the unique experiences with nature, situation, and life. If we talk about the pains that one traveler bears mostly are like, first can be body aches while traveling from plains to hilly areas. Breathing problems have been faced when altitude changes. One must be taken care of that. Another pain when you do not have enough money to enjoy the trip more, money can bring happiness.

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    I visited india last month for a business meeting in india. Accommodation was good enough but the cabin crew at Indian airlines we not supportive and a lil bit rude too

    Adrian Gates
    Sr. Business Head -

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    Service was excellent, people were friendly and informative. Thankfully, Outsourcing came through for us! Amazingly, it was the most painless visa application process.

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    Travel is not just about the enjoy, also pains come simultaneously. All the things have to side. If you visit any hill station you feel so exotic environment and all the amenity you want.
    But the trip is not about only enjoy the places also there are so pains like for the old person breath problem is a common pain while visiting the hill station. Also the person who have the bone pains the can enjoy a lot at hill station areas.
    The person wo have less money when they going for trip also the cause of pain because if we haven't enough money we loss the many activities where we have to pay something for enjoy that.
    Also people have not experinece that kind of cool weather earlier they haven't habbit which make tough themselves.
    So, before going to anywhere we should follow all the instruction's of the that areas so that we can enjoy properly without facing the problems.

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