Tunnel of love – Facts, Ukraine, Images, tour

The tunnel of love
Couples who are looking for a destination to explore, we have an excellent place for you that are destined for only couples- the tunnel of love Kiev, Ukraine. The proper tunnel of love Ukraine address- it is situated near Klevan, Ukraine, that connects with Orzhive. Do you remember back in 2011 a picture went viral on the internet that depicted trees covering the whole railway track- making it the most enchanting place on earth.
People went crazy over its beauty, and soon, people from all across the globe started coming to experience this nature's beauty. The reason behind its formation happened by chance during the time of cold war; the trees alongside the tunnel acted as a disguise for the transportation of military hardware.

Since its discovery, there have been several tunnel of love Ukraine wedding. Couples from all around the world come to Ukraine to have their wedding moments photographed at the tunnel of love. The tunnel of love, winter walk is famous amongst the people. Locals say that it looks stunning when it is snowing, and the trees are covered with snow during winter.

Legends have it that if a couple would cross the tunnel holding each other's hand, their wishes are likely to come true. Another tunnel of love Ukraine facts includes that the couples tied ribbons around the trees to have their dreams fulfilled. Furthermore, the tunnel doesn't have a guardian to watch over it, nor any official protection provided to it. A few years ago the factory near the tunnel cut off many trees in order to aid passage of the train. Hence, massive exclamation occurred. Later, the factory determined not to touch a single tree ever since.

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