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    Self drive rental cars in Kerala

    Are you looking for the best self drive rental car service in Kerala? Check out IndusGo, Zoomcar and other self drive rental car agencies in Kerala.

    My relatives are visiting Kerala in March. They will be landing in Kochi airport. They like to visit places like Munnar, Wayanad, Alappuzha and finally Trivandrum. They leave from Trivandrum after the 2 weeks tour in Kerala.

    What are my best options for a self drive car rental in Kerala? Renting a cab with a driver for 2 weeks seems to be very expensive. So I am considering renting a self-drive rental car in Kerala.

    Can you tell me what are the options for self-drive rental cars in Kerala? I saw IndusGo and Zoomcar. Can you suggest which will be a better self-drive rental car option in Kerala?
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    There are many private rental car agencies all over Kerala. But it is strongly recommended to go for a government-approved car rental agency like IndusGo, Zoomcar etc.

    Here is a list of popular self drive car rental agencies in Kerala:

    1. IndusGo: IndusGo is one of the most reliable self-drive car rental services in Kerala. The primary advantage of IndusGo is, they are part of Indus Motors, a car dealer with a wide network across Kerala. They have a strong service network all over Kerala. If your car gets into any issues, they can offer a quick service or a replacement car. Another good thing with IndusGo is, they allow picking up the car from one city and dropping it off in any other cities in Kerala.

    2. Zoomcar: Zoomcar is a national chain of car rental services. With a well-established system in place and advanced tools like a mobile app, Zoomcar is also a recommended car rental service provider in Kerala.

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    Nowadays the car rental companies that offering rent a car service is increasing. Many small and large car rental agencies are available for transportation needs. Some of them offering the car with or without a driver for days, weeks, and even months. In my opinion, always go for the best and authorized car rental companies like IndusGo. They are the best to rent a car in Kerala where they provide decent services. They have a wide range of network throughout the state and a large fleet of vehicles too. Zoomcar is also a well-known car rental service in Kerala for many years. The List of Car Rental Services are:

    1. IndusGo

    2. Zoomcar

    3. AVS Cars

    4. TranzCars
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    I am planning to visit some of my estranged family members in Ettumanoor. Being new to this place would love to rent a self-drive car for this personal journey. Which self-drive car rental agency can help me with this travel?

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