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    Real Life changing experiences in Himalayas | Upcoming treks in Himalayas

    Global Himalayan Expedition (GHE) leverages tourism to improve livelihoods through education, access to power and light, as well as revenue-generating activities. GHE leverages tourism and solar power to bring sustainable energy, digital education, wireless connectivity and livelihood creation to remote villages in Ladakh, one of the most elevated and coldest inhabited regions of the world. Specifically, GHE organizes leadership expeditions to and homestays in these remote locations, where participants, as part of their trip, contribute with funding and help set up micro-grids running on solar power. The region has ideal conditions for solar panels, with abundant sunlight due to the altitude, and clean and thin air. For more details visit :
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    Thanks for the information. My one of the customer asked me about this and i got my answer. Thank you again.

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    Great Information. That's tourism for a purpose! It would have been really helpful if you provided some glimpse on your expeditions.

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    Thank you so much for sharing great and helpful information.

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