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    Is iran a safe place for travel

    Iran is a large country in the Middle East, however, it is very much a part of Central Asia. It was renamed Iran in the early 20th century before it was known as Persia. Desert tracking, swim, skiing are just some things to do in the country. Since recent sanctions, that were imposed by the US, the tourist influx has fallen down, however, it is still a unique tourist destination, where numerous ancient cities, tombs, and museums are preserved. The countries landscape is very wide. It has all natural variety like deserts, mountains, and forests. Two great deserts extend over much of central Iran.
    See you soon in Iran.
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    Even though there are some news in media indicating safety issues in Iran, statistics shows that Iran is safer compared to many other countries. Search in internet and you can find many positive comments from travelers who have visited Iran about Iran's safety and its friendly people.

    But like any other place in the world, you should take care of the following points while traveling to Iran :
    i. Try to prefer popular / known tourist spots for your travel, especially if you are not that familiar with the place or you don't have the help of anyone who is familiar with the place.
    ii. Respect the culture of Iran and adapt to it with your dressing, and behavior (very important for couples as well as women who visit Iran.)
    iii. Follow the basic rule in packing - pack your baggage in small bundles to avoid risks from problems like theft.
    iv. Prefer group travel. Avoid visiting less crowded suburbs if you are alone, especially solo lady travelers.
    v. Do not take lifts from strangers.

    And I think on taking care of these points, one can enjoy a safe and happy travel in any part of the world.

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