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    Must Visit Beaches in Gujarat For A Romantic Escape

    Due to the 1600 km long coastline, Gujarat is home to many beautiful beaches of India. There are many beautiful beaches in Gujarat, while some of them are very popular. Being a popular beach destination in India, people around the world have why went to refine the beauty of nature.
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    Yes. State of Gujarat is home to a number of beautiful beaches which are unique in various ways. To be added, Gujarat is famous for its white / black sand beaches. Let's have a glimpse on some of these exotics beaches.

    i) Thital beach - Located at the coastal area of Gujarat's Valsad district, This beach is famous for its black sand.

    ii) Nagoa beach - This long beach located at Nagoa in Bucharwada village bustles with activities like water sports (like jet skiing, knee board surfing, and swimming), Pony / Camel riding, etc. Nagoa will be ideal for honeymoon couples, as well as families.

    iii) Beaches nearby Jamnanagar - There are quiet and naturally beautiful beaches in and around the 42 islands of Jamnanagar. Away from crowd, these beaches will be ideal for a romantic vacation for honeymoon couples.

    iv) Kutch Mandvi beach - Located in Gujarat's Kutch region, this white sand beach with blue sea water can calm you down with its peaceful surroundings and can entertain you with its colorful fishing nets.

    v) Dwarka beach - Located nearby the famous Dwarkanath temple dedicated to lord Krishna, this beach is also famous for its abundant aquatic life with sea turtles, star fish, octopus, and urchins.

    vi) Gopnath beach - Famous for its greenery, bird life, as well as limestone cliffs, making it an ideal honeymoon destination. Since Gopnath temple dedicated to lord shiva is nearby the beach, this beach is also a pilgrim center.

    vii) Somnath beach - This beach is famous as a pilgrim center due to the presence of the famous Somnath temple dedicated to lord shiva. Somnath beach is also ideal for those who love to be in nature and watch birds.

    I am sure that there are many more beaches which beautifully decorate the 1600 kilometer long coastline of Gujarat. Can anyone provide more details regarding the same ?

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