Importence of draksharamam temple in andhrapradesh

Draksharama is a town in East Godavari district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The Bhimeswara Swamy temple in this town is one of the five temples of Shiva known as Pancharama Kshetras. The Manikyamba temple in this town is one of the eighteen temples of Maha Shakti Pithas in India.

Daksha Prajapati is son of Lord Brahma and grandson of Lord Vishnu. He rises to power and becomes the head of all Prajapati with the help of Trimurti (Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva). After rising to power and attaining powers from Creator, Preserver and Destroyers he starts getting arrogant. Daksha asks Chandra (Moon God) to marry his 27 adopted daughters (Nakshatras Ashwini, Bharani and so on). Chandra accepts the proposal and marries all 27 stars but loves Rohini a lot and neglects all other 26 stars. Due to his negligence remaining 26 daughters of Daksha goes to Daksha and complains about the bad behavior of Chandra. After getting furious by deeds of Chandra, Daksha gives him a curse to get infected by tuberculosis and die.
Chandra goes to Lord Shiva and begs his mercy. Shiva being a kind god accepts his request and promises Chandra to save him. Daksha comes to Shiva asking not to save Chandra. Shiva rejects Daksha's appeal and tells him that he will not break his promise of saving Chandra. This makes Daksha angry on Shiva. Lord Vishnu then comes to rescue and makes Chandra undergo two transitions Sukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha. Chandra prays Siva to accept his living at Siva's feet. Siva lifts Chandra from the feet and places him on his head thus becoming "Chandra Mouleesawara". This ego spat between Siva and Daksha worsens meanwhile. Daksha wants his Daughter Sati to get married and announces Swayamvara in the thought of insulting Siva, Daksha keeps a statue of Shiva at the gate as a gatekeeper. Sati chooses that Siva statue as her husband. Siva comes and takes Sati with him to Kailasa after marrying her. Daksha goes furious about this and grows enmity withhiSiva. After a few years, Daksha announces yagna where he avoids inviting Siva and calls it "Nireeswara yagna". All devas warn him against the odds of not inviting and insulting Siva. Daksha gives them a cold shoulder and starts doing "Nireeswara Yagna".


To the Northeast, in Penumuru the Lingam has been installed by Jamadagni Mahāṛiṣhi. In the East, the pratiṣhṭa (installation) was carried out by Lord Sūrya in Kolanka. The Southeast Lingam was installed by Kaśyapa Mahāṛiṣhi in Dangeru Kṣhetram. North in Vella, Vaśiṣhṭa Mahāṛiṣhi installed the Lingam. The South Lingam was installed by Atri Mahāṛiṣhi in Koṭipalli. To the Northwest, in Someśwaram, the lingam was consecrated by Gautama Mahāṛiṣhi . The West Lingam was installed by Viśwamitra Mahāṛiṣhi in Vendūru. In the Southwest, the Lingam was installed by Bharadvaja Mahāṛiṣhi in Korūmilli.

Bheemeswara Swami temple is a big temple which was renovated by eastern chalukyas. Temple has a pushkarini called "Sapta godavari" where sapta rishis brought waters from seven different rivers to create it. One can find saptarishis in a small mantapa located in sapta godavari pushkarini. One can visit kashi viswesara temple constructed by vyasa and agasthyeswara swami who was worshiped by sage Agasthya. There are few mantapas available in the temple compound too. You can find four gopurams around the temple and few temples like kala bhairava, veera bhadra and vatuka bhairava temples inside the temple premises.